29 July 2006

Victory over Obesity!


I have struggled with obesity since my mid 20s. I recently tackled losing this weight, once and for all. With the guidance of Jefferson City Medical Group Weight Treatment Center, I lost 80 pounds. I am struggling with body image, as I cannot "see" the weight loss on me but I am assured by friends and family that its there! I feel like I am accepting an Oscar, so I would like to thank so many people who supported me: Bob and Ashley who put up with me trying everything they ordered so I wouldn't feel left out, Gary for the jump start, girls from GLU, JUG and GF who put up with a weekly report on the amount of weight I lost, Ashley A, Darla, Paul, Diana and Dana who supported me fully at school, my mom who encouraged me by reminding me that health was a person's number one asset and last but not least, I'd like to thank myself for doing this terribly hard thing.



I was eager to go to Boston to see the sites I have so often read about as a kid and taught as a fourth grade teacher. Nothing though was as powerful as seeing the Old North Church made famous by the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in the poem Paul Revere's Ride. Bob and I visited Paul Revere's home, Boston Commons, site of the Boston Massacre, saw clothing belonging to John Hancock, sat in the same room where the Constitution was read to the people of Boston. We went to Boston Harbor to see where the Tea Party was held. You can also see that we did not forget that Boston is famous for a few other things, Cheers, lobster and Robert McClosky's Make Way for Ducklings (one of my favorite books!)

27 July 2006

GLU Girls!


I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with the girls from Girls Like Us. We had such a good time going to York Beach, Kittery, Maine and to Newicks for lunch. We shopped at a Pottery Barn Outlet (a first for me) and a Stonewall Kitchen (another first for me!) It was my distinct pleasure to be with Robyn, Marion, Kristen and her mom and Jodi. We ate wonderful seafood, and had ice cream and salt water taffy on the beach. It was an incredible day!

26 July 2006

Our New England Trip


Bob was asked to be a lead presenter for an educational conference in New Hampshire. I was thrilled to be able to go along! I have never spent time on the East Coast and was ready for the experience. I absolutely loved it. We ate a lot of wonderful seafood, especially in Portsmouth, where we stayed. Two restaurants have been reviewed by Rachel Ray and another restaurant has one of America's Top Ten Chefs cooking there. Excellent food. I got to go on my first whale watching trip. It was so fun and we saw plenty of whales! What wonderful creatures they are! I visited many historic homes and fell in love with the colonial style.

12 July 2006

Texas Vacation


We had a great time in Texas. We saw a lot of beautiful architecture, missions, mansions and even a palace! We spent some time at the beach in Galveston and ate a lot of Tex Mex food. We were gone 10 days and were ready to come home. We were blessed with fairly cool weather, that is, for Texas!

01 July 2006

Cooking School!


I had the recent opportunity to go to a Viking Culinary Class with two friends from work: Ashley and Darla. This was a gift for Darla from Ashley and me for her retirement. We went to a Girls Night Out cooking class that featured Hawaiian foods. We made a AhiAhi salad, Macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi, sweet potato casserole, a pineapple tomato salsa and coconut ice cream. It was WONDERFUL! We had the best time. We learned new cooking techniques and knife skills. We learned the proper way to peel a pineapple. SO much fun we will be doing this again!