30 August 2007



My absolute favorite season of all is fall. My birthday is in November, Ashley was born in October, my grandpa and uncle both have November birthdays and my dad was born in September. I have always LOVED the start of school and the smell of a new box of crayons.... oh my.

That being said, I also hate to rush the end of summer. Fall is such a short season and I do dread winter, especially since I commute to work every day. Soooo, even though many of my friends begin to decorate for fall in August, I have the distinct urge to hold on to summer, to make the warm weather last for as long as it can.

September 1 marks the time when I can get out my fall things and begin to enjoy the season. I have wreaths, candles, decorative items and the infamous fall village to place this year. I am eager to see what other blogsites do for fall, and perhaps even borrow an idea or two...

These photos were taken last year. The highway scene was taken between JC and Columbia on the bluffs where the mountain goats are said to live. The single tree photo is from Stephens College, where Ashley attends. Both speak "fall" to me, loud and clear!


  1. The pictures are beautiful. I absolutely love autumn. Maybe it's because I'm from western PA, but I'm always ready for the upcoming season. I'm anxious to put out my fall decorations. I leave them up through November as I'm not a Halloween decorator. I like to look at them but I'd prefer to leave up "harvest." And THEN comes Christmas!!

  2. Hi Terri...these photos are gorgeous!

    I just e-mailed the info for my photo text.


  3. I couldn't agree more! Fall is also my favorite season but I do hate to rush the summer away. I usually start my fall decorating after the kiddos are back in school. I am so looking forward replacing the geraniums in my window boxes with some fall pansies.

  4. Terry these photos are simply gorgeous. Fall is definately my favorite time of year. I will begin to decorate in a couple weeks. Can't wait!!

  5. Girl Im with you! I can't wait. i swear the wind felt different this morn. I fixed me a cup of creamy Pecan coffee and im ready.now im thinking who can I get to climb in the attic. Thanks, the pictures are awsome.

  6. Hi Terri! Everyone seems to be excited about Fall but me, lol. I do think it is beautiful though. i just dont like what it leads to. I decorate for Fall in pink! ANd as much as I hate it, I already have pink pumpkins out ~ because they are just so pretty :)

    I love your retro bathroom too!! That is so neat :) Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my silly roses. You are such a sweetie!


  7. Gorgeous Pictures...I am envious that you get to see and experience a real "fall"...we just get a couple of weeks of wind...and what I call "drop" season...yea...our leaves don't slowly and effortlessly float to the ground as one would envision from the term "fall"...ours just kind of hit the ground once the winds have finished whipping them around for a bit...lasts about 2 weeks...then everything is brown...dry...and boring! But hey...I'm not complaining (well not too much) we luckily have pretty mild winters...except for the occasional "ice" day...that is the day we call...sorry for this..."hell freezes over day"...cos that is when every nut case and crazy thinks they can drive in the ice...at 65 mph...and slamming on their brakes is a smart thing...yep..that's the day from he**...now you know why we call it that!!

    Have a great weekend...enjoy your holiday...



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