04 August 2007

Missouri Tomatoes!


When Tina from Cherry Hill Cottage posted her lovely Texas Tomatoes, I could not let you go without seeing some luscious ones from Missouri. Where Tina sat down and ate hers immediately with salt and pepper, I am saving mine for tomorrow and will make salsa. I have a delightful recipe for freezer salsa and I am eager to try it. I bet it will be quite pretty, with these red and orange tomatoes!


  1. Beautiful Missouri Tomatoes! I can't wait to read your salsa recipe..I'm preparing for a future posting on my own "hot sauce " recipe..sad to say it will be canned tomatoes!

  2. Am glad there are beautiful tomatoes growing in TX, and MO. Your photo is pretty. And, LOL, can there ever be too many tomatoes in this country?! Glad you enjoyed the scenery along the VA trail. Enjoy your salsa making today.

  3. Is this going to be battle of the network tomatoes? haha.. Love the pictures of tomatoes, no matter what state. I adore tomatoes and just live for summer's sweet, juicy ones....


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