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Walmart Shopping Carts

Picture from my local JC Walmart!

Having to go to Walmart three nights running, I began a weird personal conversation with myself about Walmart carts. I am incredibly picky about my Walmart cart. If I push it off the carpet and a wheel wobbles, I abandon it and go get another. I will accept a cart that has a pleasant sound on the tile but if a wheel is off and it is a noticeably loud sound, yep, that's right, I abandon it. Last night I had to abandon three carts before I found one that "sounded" right.

I also am starting to carry some antibacterial wipes to wipe off the handle. I got grossed out the other day when I watched a baby and a mom .... need not go there today. The greeter will wipe off my cart if he sees me come in. He gives me this strange little look... I think he knows I am the Cart Deserter.

So now if you see an abandoned cart at Walmart, maybe there is some other crazed woman out there who has decided that she needs a little place to demand perfection in her life.
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