01 September 2007

September first, continued

As soon as I posted the September First episode, I decided to go downstairs to find some breakfast. A review of the refrig showed no milk and the pantry, no bread. So scrounging around I found crescent rolls, eggs, spinach, mushrooms, and cheese. Putting my little creative head to good use, I concocted these:

With a little seasoning, off into the oven they went and this is what emerged, 15 minutes later....

I'll share this recipe when I tweak it a little...

Do you remember those chocolate marshmallows I discovered... well, they are perfect in hot cocoa! That mug came from Walmart last year and I adore it.

So, the day had a great start!


  1. That looks very good, Terri.

    The kiddos drove up, this morning to help bring heavy items up from the basement, for the sale. They also chose some things to take home with them. We delivered a rug to our daughter and came home with the truck bed and backseat packed!! I think the sale is going to be a good one!

    That's how I spent the 1st day of Sept.

  2. Terri...
    Thanks for stopping by today...and for the sweet comments...if I lived closer I would "so" help you out...but...really I know the money you mentioned you were spending sounds like and IS a lot...but for peace of mind...it is VERY worth it...I too, could have done my daughters flowers...and we seriously considered it at one point...but we decided we wanted to enjoy the days leading up to as well as the day of the wedding...and not have any stresses...so I hired a florist 10 months before the big day...we worked out EVERY detail beforehand...and I trusted her and she did a FABULOUS job...so just consider it money well spent...after all...you'll earn that back in a day or two...RIGHT???

    Enjoy all the planning...because it goes by in a flash...it seems like it takes forever for the big day to arrive...then it all just kind of zooms by...


  3. I really enjoyed your blog that I just found this morning.Ill be back to see what you did for the day! Laurie

  4. Those eggs-in-a-basket looks absolutely delicious. I'm always looking for new egg recipes. I get tired of the same old - same old. And when I have a brunch it's nice to have 'individual' eggs to serve. Please share your recipe!

  5. Ashley's cottage is so cute. And your day sounds terrific! I also feel as if Summer's on the way out when the calendar says it's September.


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