02 September 2007

What a day (yesterday)!

Here's what I ended up doing...

Laundry, or at least part of it.

Watched Because I Said So--- adorable movie!

Grocery shopped and planned the menu

Shopped for some fall things and found exactly what I wanted!

Went to the post office

Ate at Wendys

Decorated the house for fall

Watched Mizzou win a nail biter against Illinois!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. Your friends home is so pretty on the outside.

  2. You were busy yesterday...as you can see from my blog ...I wasn't...and I tend to get into mischief when I'm not busy...oh well...I had fun...glad you were able to be so productive...AND your bunco friends house is precious...I love it!!

    Have a great weekend...


  3. I'd love to find a sweet cottage, just like that one. We'll be looking around in your direction one of these days!


  4. Glad you got to do the things you wanted instead of the things you had to do. Good for you!!

  5. You were a busy gal! I usually don't put out my Fall decorations till October since it's so darn hot down here. Your friends house it too cute! Thanks for sharing!


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