22 February 2008

Wintery February Day


We have had two snow days in a row!

What a perfect time we have had getting the programs ready, the menu cards ready and finishing up some details for the photographer! And, that was just yesterday! Today we are reading, catching up on blogs and enjoying each other's company.

This photo is from our living room looking outside. I had hoped to catch a picture of the quarter sized snowflakes we were getting!

I hope each of you is curled up comfortably with a good book in your hand. I am rereading Heidi, especially the part where Heidi is in the hut with her grandfather, with snow almost covering it!

16 February 2008

Wedding Invitations


Tonight, Bob, Ashley, Eric and I worked on putting the invitations together. We watched Father of the Bride while we folded, stuffed and stamped our invitations. The invitation itself is on an ivory cardstock with a linen finish. We wrapped the invitation in a leaf designed vellum and sealed it with a diamond shaped sticker. The vellum slips into the envelope. We had our enveloped addressed by the printer and boy, they look awesome. I loved not using a double envelope, too. When you slip these out of the envelope, they look so elegant! The bottom photo shows the invite inside the vellum wrapper with the sticker. You can slightly see the invitation through the vellum. The photo makes the vellum look more ivory than it seems to me.

You are seeing the reception invitation. The wedding invitation is identical, except the wording invites people to the wedding! Our wedding is small, but the reception is going to be large!

14 February 2008

Valentine Dinner


When Bob cooks, it is heaven on a plate.

We were treated to the most scrumptious dinner. At home. In our own beautiful dining room. Considering Ashley just finished a 12 hour shift and hadn't eaten since early Wednesday, we were so happy to be in the comfort of our own home.

Bob started us out with a wonderful fish dish. Fresh sea scallops cooked perfectly on top of a heart shaped toast point was served along with champagne. Fresh crumbled bacon and balsamic vinegar (a gift from Ashley when she studied in Italy) embellished the plate.

Next was a fresh spinach salad with fresh slices of parmesan cheese and homemade dressing. Look at those perfect hard boiled egg slices and the chunky croutons. mmmm.

Our third course was shrimp cocktail served in stemless martini glasses. Shrimp cocktail is a family favorite!

The dinner course was a filet mignon served on sourdough toast, wrapped in Burger's bacon (made in the town where I work)and topped with grilled bourbon onions. Along side were the Pioneer Woman's green beans and quinoa with fresh vegetables. Notice the heart shaped parmesan cheese heart cracker!

For dessert we had brie en croute served with a fresh pear slice, an apple slice, a few purple grapes and a chocolate covered strawberry.

To end our delightful meal, Bob served us his famous limoncella. It is a refreshing end to a meal!

And..... he's downstairs cleaning up and letting me post this on our blog. What a truly wonderful guy he is!

13 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!


First, please forgive me for my blogging escape! I don't know why I wasn't posting except that I was falling asleep at 8:00 every night! It has been crazy daisy at school!

To make for it, I want to share with you my famous Tipsy Cherries. I am well known for these delicious, powerful little lumps of love.

Tipsy Cherries

1 large jar of maraschino cherries, with stems, drained, save jar!
1 bottle of cherry brandy
6 squares chocolate almond bark, or your favorite dipping chocolate

Fill the jar of cherries with cherry brandy. Let "steep" for 4-6 weeks. Drain, blot with paper towels. Melt chocolate in the microwave in a deep bowl. Dip the cherries by the stem into the chocolate. Let set. THESE ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN!

One should only indulge in 3-4 of these decadent cherries in an evening!

You will probably notice some chocolate covered strawberries as well. What else to do with the left over chocolate? Our Walmart had beautiful, long stemmed strawberries but I failed to pick some up this weekend and they are now history. Next time...

10 February 2008

04 February 2008

New Blogger!

Ladies, and any lurking men out there, I want to introduce you to my friend Michele who is brand new at blogging. I have known Michele for several years through a chat group we both belong to called Girlfriends Forever. It's a wonderful chat rooma nd I love the girls that visit there.

Michele and I have been swap partners many times and I always love it when she gets my name!! Go and visit her at the link below and tell her I sent you! Michele's