31 March 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hasty!


The wedding went off without a single hitch! More later, though, gots lots to clean up, deliver, take back, etc etc etc....

24 March 2008

Wedding Day CountDown!

We are hurrying along, trying to get the last details done before Saturday! Here is my schedule for the week (I am off because it is Spring Break! How LUCKY was that???)

Monday: Get rings to jewelers. Print programs, menu cards. Write place cards and make seating chart. Press ring bearers and flower girl outfits. Spray paint basket. Finish pew bow decorations.

Tuesday: Go with Ashley to do trial run of hair and make up. Go with Ashley for bridal portrait. Pick up rings. Check in on flower delivery. Call in final numbers for dinner and reception. Isn't it amazing how many people do not Rsvp these days????

Wednesday: Pick up programs and menu cards. Pick up Bob's tux and Chris' tux. Finish slide show.

Thursday: Semi day of rest. Pack boxes with the items that go to church, the dinner and the reception and get to Charlotte, the all time best wedding planner.

Friday: Manicure, pedicure, Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner. Take wine to the University to be chilled.

Saturday: The Wedding! TOOOOO many things to list! Most are Bob's to do list, anyway!

Must run!

16 March 2008

Bridesmaids Luncheon


This weekend has been busy with wedding events and shopping! We had the bachelorette party last night and let me say, if the beginning was the MILD part then I am glad I didn't stay for the WILD part. Let's just say that modeling clay was used to create an image of a certain male body part.... you see what I mean?

Eric's bachelor party was happening at the same time. I saw a picture of something he had to wear, and I don't think I should put the words in print....

Today was the bridesmaids luncheon and that was such a lovely event. Ashley went over the schedule for the wedding weekend, served her girls a luncheon catered by her dad and gave each of them their thank you gift, which is what you see pictured above!

Two weeks away!

11 March 2008

Hello, Blogger World!

As you might imagine, the world of the Steffes family is topsy turvey right now! I appreciate all of you who have checked on me, it makes me feel so loved!

Wedding details are consuming both my personal and professional life! Yesterday morning Ashley and I finished details on her wedding flowers with the florist. Ashley works for this florist part time and she loves what the floral designer does. It was a fun meeting. To get your appetite going I'll tell you I heard peonies, stephnotis with black pearls, mini calla lilies, ivory roses, hycernium berries, and black feathers for Ashley's bouquet!

I also bought shoes for the wedding, an outfit for the bachelorette party this Saturday (country club golf theme!) and an outfit for the rehearsal dinner.

We asked people to call for our Rsvp so our phone rings constantly! Bob and I both carry the phone right by our side!

In the meantime I have managed to file and complete my taxes and Ashley's taxes. We use Turbo Tax and the only thing fast about it was my yelling at the computer. Of course, there was a glitch that took hours to solve, that wasn't MY fault. I had to wait 30 minutes to speak to a customer service rep and he didn't know how to help me!

I am up at 5 a.m. because wedding details are bogging me down. I haven't slept much all night which is a SHAME because I have Parent/Teacher Conferences tonight. I hope no one needs to gripe at me because I am sure I will be short tempered and that is not a good combination: gripey parents and a short tempered principal!

I have menu cards to print, programs to print, ribbons to tie on the programs, pew decorations to finish, honeymoon details to finalize, favors to make, a picture to frame, a guest book to make, the house to clean because we have 10 people staying here over the weekend of the wedding, thank you notes to write (not for Ashley, but for me!). I need to order a meat and cheese tray for the bridesmaids for lunch on the wedding day. I need to make the order of events for the day of the rehearsal and the wedding day and print those out for Ashley. I need to stop now, I am feeling ill.

I hope you each have a great day! Even though I sound whiney and gripey, I am really relishing these moments. I can't wait to share the big day with you all!