05 August 2008

Wien Picnic 2008

This is what a Catholic church picnic looks like in Missouri in the summer:


  1. I'm really bummed that we couldn't make it this year. Was it terribly hot? How is everyone doing in Wien? David called Sunday to check in with them. I think he was a little upset that we weren't there as well. He hasn't missed too many Wien picnics.

  2. Oh what fun! Looks like everyone was having a really good time! I'd especially enjoy going to that Flea Market, look at all the goodies on those shelves:-) I remember going to quite a few church picnics while growing up and the fun we'd have. Always a lot of food also!! xoxo

  3. I love church picnics! How does anyone ever make a decision at that cake table? Is there a special food that the church picnic is famous for in your area?


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