05 October 2008

Ewwww....and, WoW!


When we first bought this house in 2003, the vinyl siding was dirty and had some mildew on it. Bob power washed it and it looked great! I was thrilled not to see a dirty house!

Well, as things do, mildew and dirt and grass stains have found their way back home. Today Bob is going to tackle the siding and make a huge difference on the curb appeal of this home!

Fall Cleaning at its best!


  1. We bought a power washer last year and love it. Warren pulled it out just this afternoon and gave the dirtbike he borrowed a bath before he returns it tomorrow...in better shape than he received it in. Love it!

    That is a lot of house to power wash!

    I was away on vacation so I am going to keep reading to see if you are feeling better.

    Becky K.

  2. We have got to do the same thing before long. The back end of our home looks like something a pond spit up. It embarrasses me, the hubbys "says" he will get on it. That's been 7 months ago. Oh well, if I wasn't such a wussy baby I'd get the ladder out and do it myself. I really need to win the lottery!!!

  3. Those power washers are great, aren't they! Bob did a really good job in cleaning the vinyl siding...what a difference!!! xoxo

  4. David actually misses I'm looking forward to hanging pictures and decorating. I went looking for furniture today. I hate when sales people attack you when you walk in! :-)

  5. We have a white house and the back is always damp and "green". I've decided that that power washer is exactly what my hubby needs for Christmas!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. What a difference a "little" elbow grease can make!



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