03 December 2008

Pickwick Society


Our book club met last night at the Gibson Girls Cafe in Holts Summit last night and discussed the book Dewey. We all loved it! We had great food (the soup and salad are wonderful and take a look at my lemon pie!) and of course, the company can't be beat. We exchanged gifts and then headed home.

2008 Pickwick Society (back row: Paula, Lisa, Linda, Joan and Terri. front row: Antoinette, Linda and Linda! missing: Glenda and Ashley)


  1. Such fun!

    Our club is taking December off. We'll be back in January though.

  2. It looks really good, I wish I liked lemon pie!

  3. It must be wonderful to belong to such a group! Dewey, eh? Haven't heard of it; must check it out.

  4. I'm going to have to go to Amazon to see what Dewey is about. Oh, I just remember seeing that book at Sam's. It's about a library cat isn't it. Will I cry?

  5. Hi! I have picked this book up several times... I might have to read it now. I also have a book club and it is really hard to pick a good book that will make every one happy. I have a few book reviews on my blog if you need ideas for your club.

    Thanks for sharing!



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