19 January 2009

My husband the Chef!


I often call Bob "Chef Bob" because he loves to cook so much and because he is so good. Recently he made this steak recipe(thank you Pam!) and it was fabulous.

Here is Bob organizing the recipes in our pantry. The two of us often collect recipes hoping that we will try them out. We throw them in our pantry and they grow and grow. Bob found a way to organize them for us so that we can see at a glance which ones we have tried and ones we want to try.

Isn't he an amazing guy?


  1. Can I send my recipes to you and you organize them?

    Anytime you are in these parts we can buddy up and do some shopping!


  2. oh, Mr. Bob is a wonderful chef...

  3. Organized chefs are the best kind to know :) (aren't they?)

  4. Doesn't surprise me at all that you are this organized. Wish I was more like you.

    Lucky you for having a husband who loves to cook! I've seen pics of his creations and they look awesome and delicious!

  5. Hi Terri,
    Love the pic of hubby organizing his recipes! My hubby loves anything to do with building/remodeling but he hates to cook. Thanks for the nice comments you have left,-looks like you two have a wonderful time together! I wish I could meet all of my blogging buddies, take care.

  6. Do I hear tape tearing in the background? I have done not one thing today but sit glued to our TV watching all of the festivities.

  7. "Isn't he an amazing guy"?? Gag. He is a great chef. Yummo! But then, so are you. I grew up with "food snobs" hahahaha

  8. I remember a post from last year when Bob had cooked you a fabulous meal and then I decided he's stopped cooking cause you said no more about it...glad to hear that's not the case! Mac makes great veggie soup, but that's about as far as his culinary skills extend...

  9. Can he give lessons to other husbands?? Please?? Seriously??

  10. Where do I go to buy one these "Bob Guys"....?? I don't have my own Bob that cooks, I only have a John that eats.....

  11. I love it when a man likes to cook...tell him he looks sexy in the kitchen and he'll be cookin' you dinners forever and ever!! tee hee....
    ya'll seem to have a good time together...wonderful!!

  12. Since you liked my steak post, I think it's only fair you send Bob my way to organize my recipes.


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