21 December 2010

A Christmas Quilt

A few years ago, some girlfriends and I made Christmas quilt blocks together.  I don't know how to quilt but I work at a school with a fabulous quilter.  I brought my project in to her and she pieced it for me and then took it to her favorite quilt shop for the backing.  I am so in love with Christmas plaid!
The girls who made the quilt

Beautiful square


  1. My mom is a HUGE quilter - she tried to "pass it down" to me, but I just can't get into it...altho I appreciate a beautiful quilt, and that Christmas quilt is lovely!

  2. So cute! I didn't know about this. I love quilts.

  3. Something strange has been happening when I post here. I'm taken to a completely different blog or so it appears. This is just a test...

  4. It didn't happen that time...hmmm...

  5. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Quite the keepsake.

  6. I love it Terri. What a wonderful quilt and memories, too!

  7. I see my square! what a gorgeous quilt Terri...your friend did a fabulous job. of course you know I sewed Sharon's top and had it quilted earlier this month so she could take back to Australia...I plan to sew my top(s) after the holidays...loving the plaid too.

  8. Terri-

    It is absolutey Gorgeous! What a very special
    item to cherish forever and ever!

    Hugs to you this Christmas.


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