19 January 2011

Another Snow Day!

As a school principal one of the most exciting things that happens is when school is called off for snow.  Yeah, I am perfectly aware that I am going to have to be in school when the weather is warm and nice but I will deal with that later.

Tomorrow is going to be the perfect day for Snow Ice Cream!

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My mom made Snow Ice Cream for my sister and me when we were little.  If you know you are going to get a heavy snow, put a bowl out on your deck to catch clean snow.  When it is time to make your ice cream, you won't have to go out into the yard and maybe pick up dirt or twigs in your snow.

My mom would stir in white sugar and vanilla and then add enough milk or half and half (slowly) to make it the perfect consistency.  She'd scoop it out and then pour Hershey's on the top for us.

Paula Deen likes to use sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and snow.  I haven't tried it this way but it might be great!

Hope your snow day is a Snow Ice Cream kinda day!
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  1. Enjoy your snow day. The snow missed us and went south to you guys!

  2. I hope to make snow ice cream tomorrow, too, Terri.....with my Grand Girl! Every school in KC is closed, too. I still love to watch the names of the schools scroll along the bottom of the TV screen.....a habit from my teaching days and my own kids' school days. Have a fun time in the snow!! L, Dana

  3. What fun! Wish I was there to try it. Enjoy your snow vacation. Stay warm.


  4. I remember making this when my kids were little in Ohio!

    Stay cozy!


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