23 October 2011

Pumpkin Carving 101

Bob is very good at carving pumpkins.  I think he enjoys it, too!

First, buy a nice firm pumpkin.  We got these from Walmart but we also like Shirks, Hy Vee and Longfellows as well.  Use your pumpkin's shape to help inspire you how you wish to carve your pumpkin.

Cut the top off, in a large enough circle around the stem to get your hand into the pumpkin.  Instead of a smooth continuous line, Bob makes sort of a hexagon shape around the stem.  Trim the bottom of the stem to make it flat.

Clean out the insides of the pumpkin.  Pull out all the stringy stuff and the seeds.  Keep the seeds if you intend to roast them.

Cut out the desired pattern of your pumpkin.  As you can see, we opted for a cute {easy} polka dotted style.  We used an apple corer and a seeder for the circles.  Some Bob cut all the way through, some he cut about 3/4 of the way in.  This will make an interesting pumpkin when we light it with our candles!

We also made one with a traditional pumpkin face.  After all, it is Halloween!

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  1. Great job describing the process! Was Bob having any fun? Love the polka dots and probably will have to give that a try!

  2. This one with the polka dots I am going to try!!!


  3. Cool!:-)

    We used to set up a big table in the garage, at the farm and have a pumpkin carving day with the kids. Lots of fun! Haven't carved a punkin in years! Maybe we should this year.

  4. I love the finished product...I can just never get past the "guts" - or the stringy stuff, as you call it...the texture drives me CRAZY!!!! I like the Polka-Dotted look...

    A few years ago, I just began resorting to painted pumpkins...I have a Chiefs pumpkin every year on my porch. :)

  5. Love the polka-dot pumpkin! That will look really cute when it's lit.
    The Reading Reptile offers discounts to teachers, so next time you are in the KC area.... (they also do book fairs at schools in MO and KS)


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