29 September 2013

Day 83

Since the last post, we have been pretty much out of the loop for the house... kinda like when the Property Brothers kick you out at the last minute so you will be surprised at the end.  Lots of things have been happening on the inside but we can only give you a little glimpse, since we haven't been in much either.

We close on Friday, with our pre walk-through visit on Wednesday.  At this time, we will look carefully at all the little details, looking for things to be corrected by Friday.  On Friday, we will be able to just look for those corrections and make it to the title company to sign all the papers! 

So this is what I am going to leave you with, a bit of a teaser, before we do a big reveal later on.  It won't be Friday, because we have painters coming and other odds and ends that we wanted done before we move in.  So, around October 17, we should be completely moved in, and we'll be sharing pictures at that time!

Until then....

14 September 2013

Day 68

Thirteen days have past since my last post.  Since then the house was locked and it was harder to see what progress has been made.  Some of it was very visible, such as the Thomas Hardie siding getting put on!  The garage is finished and the house is 3/4 done.  For some reason the front of the house is still not finished, even though the last piece was put on the east side several days ago.

James Hardie siding, Boothbay Blue

The sheet rock is completely done, and painted with construction grade paint.  My favorite painter will be coming from Jefferson City to paint the entire house.  Our color pallet is yet to be determined, but it will have shades of sand, gray and blue in it.

The wood flooring, the ceramic flooring and the linoleum have all been laid.  It looks so nice!  The construction workers have cardboard over all of it so I was only able to snap a few pics of the floors.  The upstairs bathrooms have cabinets. 

Ceramic in master bath and closet

Linoleum in laundry room and two bathrooms upstairs

Wood floors in LR, DR, and powder room
 Downstairs the fireplace mantel and the marble have been put into place, and the bannister is in place.  The square slats are not in yet but we saw them in a wrapped package.  It will be so pretty!

Beginnings of the bannister with a lovely model behind it!

Fireplace with Newton mantle and baltic brown marble.  LOVE the marble!!
We saw some mechanical things done, boring stuff, but necessary!

Cabinets in all bathrooms and kitchen!

We have about three weeks until closing!  The next post will most likely be about our walk throughs but hopefully when the lighting gets in, I will be able to get a few preview pics!  I am getting very eager to move in and enjoy our house.

02 September 2013

Day 55

I think I am going through mid-construction crisis.  With the sheetrock nearly finished (all but the nails are covered), I can see design flaws that I should have thought out and corrected before it was too late, as it is now.  There is nothing that I can't live with, and I still haven't submitted any change orders (at $250 a pop) so I am feeling good about that.  Maybe when the fun pieces start to be put into place, I won't see all the "mistakes".

Part of the siding is up!  I think the contractor was excited to see a different color come into the neighborhood.  We chose James Hardie Boothbay Blue and we are the first to use it.  I am hoping others will like it and start using it, too.  Bob calls it a steel blue.

I do love the amount of natural lighting that is in the house. The living room and kitchen and dining room feel bright and airy.  The bedroom, which is in the opposite corner of the dining room is quiet and dark.  Love it!

We have four cans, four pendant lights and a chandelier for overhead lighting in the kitchen/dining area.  I think Bob will find it bright enough to read a new recipe or two when he cooks.  That was my thinking when we started adding lights!

I am very happy about the nine foot ceilings, too.  That really adds to the feeling of spaciousness in the living room, which is fairly small and cozy. 

My next excitement will come with seeing the house fully sided.  I think by then I will be over my mid construction crisis and ready for the final stages of home building.

01 September 2013

Fifteen Years

It is hard to believe that the book club I helped start in 1998 is still alive and going strong.  Four women, Barb Kuebler, Karlene Diekroeger, Azalene Evans and myself were having lunch at the Jefferson City Country Club when we started discussing books.  The lunch extended well beyond a regular lunch time as we consumed bottles of wine and discussed book after book.

Azalene, Karlene, Terri and Barb
 The purpose of our luncheon was to celebrate Barb's turning in of her National Board Teacher's portfolio.  She had worked so hard to put it together and we had been her main readers for the project. 

As we were discussing book after book, it came out that we needed to formalize a book club.  We started with a name, BBL, and our first book and set a date.  And, for fifteen years, continued to meet to discuss a book a month of various genres and interests.  I know that this book club made me a better reader.

Karlene, whom I am sure is a Blue by Kolbe, organized the sheets that follow of all the books we have read since 1998.  Many of these books became foundational, meaning, we told new members to read these since we refer back to them often.

Since moving to St. Charles has made going to book club a little difficult, our first trip back was to the 15th anniversary celebration at Karlene's home.  It was a perfect summer feast of grilled hot dogs, Lutz's homemade potato chips, Sue's baked beans, a wonderful salad and deviled eggs.  Karlene made hot fudge sundaes with her homemade fudge topping.  After eating, we discussed the book, I am Forbidden and enjoyed every minute of it!

As we left, I felt sad at what we had given up by leaving Jefferson City.  Friends with a lifelong commitment to learning, who love you no matter what, and who are happy for you even if you move 100 miles away.  I know that St. Charles will someday feel the same.