12 January 2014

The Dining Room

Our dining room is a part of the kitchen.  It does feel more like a dining room than an eat in kitchen and I would suspect that it is because of the four windows in the area.  This area is getting its vibe from the Miami Beach area.  The turquoise and yellow were the colors of the hotel we stayed at before we went on a barefoot cruise with some great friends from Bob's school, Jefferson Junior High in Columbia.  So many memories of that trip!

Again, a good foundation:  Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray on the walls, white painted trim, white blinds.  Great canvas just waiting for the right stuff!

Here is the original look:

BEFORE:  Rather plain, pretty gold placemats and a beautiful view of our fence going up...
Now we have a colorful, musical art piece above the windows, which are now valanced with a medium striped burlap.  Cute bubble mirrors on the wall, reflecting the Art Deco style of Miami Beach.  The turquoise bowl holds rope balls in yellow and red.  Yellow placemats add a pop of color.  

Love the art piece and the turquoise bowl!

Want a rug here but haven't found the right thing.  If you have an idea, please share!
Enjoying our Miami Beach dining room!


  1. Looks great and I love all the windows!

  2. I love it, Terri! Your table and chairs are beautiful. I love the valance, too. As a suggestion, and not that you have done anything wrong...you might add a colorful runner instead of placemats so the turquoise bowl pops a little more. Maybe it's just hard to see from this corner. I also love area rugs to anchor my tables. Again, just my thoughts. The room really is just perfect like this! :)


  3. It all looks great Terri! I agree that a rug will add more interest.

    I know you're so happy in your new home.


  4. http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/nuLOOM-Handmade-Alexa-Eco-Natural-Fiber-Cotton-Border-Sisal-Rug-5-x-8/5186344/product.html?refccid=4QZNN4QBAARYZLKM6IPBMYCZ44&searchidx=1

    Terri, what do you think about a sisal area rug? I think it would be GREAT with your beach theme, and it won't show every crumb.

    1. Tanya, you are brilliant. Looking at ordering one now. Love you, triplet.

    2. Color? I went straight to yellow but maybe a blue would add color?

  5. Your new house looks so lovely!


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