20 April 2017

Daffodils~Color Our World Yellow

Planting daffodils occurs in the fall, but the glory comes in the spring, when daffodils spring up out of the ground, usually at the first sign of warmth.  This year my daffodils came at the end of February. They were lovely and I enjoyed them so much.  For our month Color Our World segment, we are looking at the color yellow.  

Yellow is between orange and green on the color spectrum and is considered a primary color.  In Europe, Canada and the United States, a survey stated that people most often associate this color with amusement, gentleness, and spontaneity, but also with duplicity, envy, jealousy, avarice, and, in the U.S., with cowardice, according to Wikipedia. I think I like the way China sees it, where it is seen as the color of happiness, glory, wisdom, harmony, and culture.  Yellow was one of the first colors used by cavemen, through clay colored with ochre.  Yellow is considered the most visible color and is preferred by birds and insects. Yellow is the most common color of flowers. Yellow is the least often color stated as someone's favorite color.

Back to our daffodils.  

Most daffodils come from the area around the Mediterranean Sea where they have been cultivated for hundreds of years.  The Romans, who thought that daffodils had healing powers, brought the flower to Great Britain where they grew mostly as weeds, until a group of men started planting them purposefully in their gardens.  They require little care, needing about an inch of water a week during the blooming season.  Dividing them every five years rejuvenates the plant.  

Go out and enjoy these beautiful flowers while they last.  They are already gone in Zone 8, but just now appearing in Zone 6, where these pictures were taken.  Daffodils flower language is Friendship.