Bunco Babes

Once a month on a Sunday, a group of delightful women gather together to play a game of chance called BUNCO. There are 12 of us, so each of us host one month. Tomorrow we are playing at Ashley's cottage (not my daughter!) which I will try to post a picture of tomorrow or Monday as it is totally delightful.

Ashley will prepare the BEST spread of food and will serve some wonderful cocktail, probably of her own design or something new she has tried lately. Ashley has her whole hand on the pulse of TODAY and always knows the most happenin' thing!

We each pitch in $5 and the winner takes home $20. There are other prizes too, like last BUNCO and lowest score and some others. I have won before but it is pretty spread out who wins. We have this cute thing we do about yelling out BUNCO (which happens when you roll three of a kind of the number of the round you are on...) which is giggle merrily because we have determined the way you yell BUNCO! is how you yell in bed! (aren't we naughty!!)

I look forward to spending time with this group: Letha works for the school district and has great stories to tell, Charlotte brings awesome goodie bags each month, Jan is retired and tells substitute teacher stories, no one tells a joke like Barb, Ashley teaches first grade and has wonderful stories, Sue plays tennis and has all the scoop on Macintosh, Linda was our past Missouri State Teacher of the Year and is now the author of Brain Quest, Jennifer owns her own photography studio, Betsy works in marketing and knows the up and coming events in town, Shanna teaches 9th grade math, again with great stories, and Tish teaches in middle school and has a good time wherever she is! And there's me.

(I am the one in yellow...)
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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  1. I love Bunko...Bunco...we use to play it some w/our sunday school class...but I have found it's much more fun when played w/ a bunch of crazy women...I know I would love your group...

    You asked if you could add me to your favs...why sure you can...the more the merrier...I just added you to mine...and I didn't ask...Sorry...can I???

    Have fun tomorrow...I hope each and every one of you gets a chance to yell out BUNKO...and REALLY enjoy every second/minute of it!! Yes...I'm naughty sometimes, too...

    Blessings your way...

  2. I, too love Bunco! We used to get together one a month but they live way to far now. Oh...how we could cause a rukus!

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Now that sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening with great friends and lots of laughter. I have never played bunco and would love to learn and join a group. It sounds like so much fun.

  4. I love Bunco! My group has gotten smaller. We need 4 more players!!!! We have so much fun. We play only 8 months out of the year. And we all work in the school system so we have all kinds of stories to share.

  5. Bunco is so much fun! I'm going to have to tell my friends about the "in bed" thing...teehee!

  6. I used to so love Bunco and no one near me now plays. Can I join YOUR group? It looks like such fun. How I wish.....

    I hope you had a super time!! Tell us all about it!



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