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Five Friday Facts

I saw this at Life Unscripted and decided to steal her MEME (look! I'm learning the lingo!) I loved the facts she shared about herself and thought I would share these with you.

Fact 1. I was a troubled kid in school, stealing, cheating, and generally causing trouble, but my friends and teachers loved me and that probably is why I am an elementary principal today.

Fact 2. I used to be bone skinny. Why I cannot lose weight now is not a mystery, I EAT A LOT, ALL THE TIME.

Fact 3. I, too, know all the words to American Pie, but I had a bad experience associated with this song so I don't sing it any more.

Fact 4. I don't have a female best friend, although I have a lot of friends. I would say I am close to a number of women whom I admire greatly.

Fact 5. When it comes to spending, I am really cheap when it comes to me. I'll spend money on Ashley and Bob, but all my clothes come from Kmart and I prefer them to be on sale! I think that is rather weird, but it is what I do.

Hope you enjoyed learning some of my quirks! Have a great weekend everyone!
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