Posted by / 31 October 2014 /

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Today the temperature went way down, after having some wonderful fall temps this past week.  The poor trick-or-treaters will be wearing swea...

Posted by / 26 October 2014 /

Birthday Tailgate

Birthday Tailgate Birthday Tailgate

For many years we have had a birthday tailgate party for Ashley.  Her birthday, being at the end of October, has been the same weekend as Ho...

Posted by / 18 October 2014 /

Beach District=Halloween Fun

Beach District=Halloween Fun Beach District=Halloween Fun

The Beach District at New Town is definitely ready for Halloween.  This year we have even more homes decorated for the holiday.  New Town is...

Posted by / 12 October 2014 /

Pumpkin Pinterest Party

Pumpkin Pinterest Party Pumpkin Pinterest Party

A new New Town friend and I decided to have a Pumpkin Pinterest Party at my house and it has been so much fun planning the event.  I have be...

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Homemade Catsup

Homemade Catsup Homemade Catsup

We have had a great crop of tomatoes this year.  Bob planted an heirloom (Purple Cherokee), a beefsteak, a plum and a cherry tomato plants t...

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Lacy Eggs

Lacy Eggs Lacy Eggs

Back when my sister and I were little, our mom would make us fried eggs for breakfast.  I can't speak for Tammi, but I loved her fried e...