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A New Way to See the Doctor

I received a free visit in exchange for my honest opinion.

One of the things I am most proud of on Our Good Life page, is the opportunity to tell you of something wonderful that I have learned. Today,  that is the wonderful app called Amwell.  It is an app that you can download on your phone, and have access to board certified doctors wherever you may be, desktop or mobile, all within the comfort of your own home.  Because I gave it a try, the Amwell people gave my readers a code to use to save some money off your own visit! 

Code: MOM26

Expiration: 12/31/18

Discount: 25% off your visit

Isn't that the nicest thing?  I was excited to share this good news with all of you!

Let me tell you about my experience. I am working HARD at staying well this year.  Every year since my breast cancer diagnosis, I have had a severe sinus infection, cold, bronchitis, etc.  I am hand washing more than ever, using diffused essential oils and the number one thing I am doing is staying away from public places as much as I can.

That includes the doctor's office, where flu patients are flocking in record numbers this year.  I have cancelled several "well" check ups to stay out of the doctor's office.  However, I had this one small issue that I wasn't feeling that good about. I have a thickening of skin on my face that was dry and bumpy and I didn't know what it was. I didn't want to go to my primary care office with all the flu going around, but I didn't want to wait, either.  This would be the perfect time to give the Amwell app a try.

I downloaded the app, filled in all my information, including meds I take and am allergic to, past conditions, current conditions, etc.  That process was about 20 minutes because I keep all that info pretty close to me.  Then I chose to see a doctor.  Amwell gave me a discount code to use to reduce the cost of the visit.  With my insurance, the visit would cost $15.  With the code, it was free.  A regular appointment is $59 without insurance.

I waited a short time and then the doctor came on the app.  We talked about my medical past and she asked some clarifying questions.  Then we got down to task.  She asked me when the bump appeared, what the appearance was, and I took two "selfies" and sent them to her.  We discussed what options I had, and made the decision to do a follow up with my primary care doctor after the flu season ended.

I was so grateful to have some peace about the lesion and the doctor definitely wants me to follow up on it but it isn't urgent enough to risk the doctor's office at this time.  I will definitely get back with her once I have an appointment with my primary care doctor.  In the mean time, I have confidence to go ahead with my day to day life and not worry about this for now.

I highly recommend Amwell to all my friends and readers out there who want to get medical advice but do not want to risk getting sick with the flu or other contagious illnesses.  One way we can help stop the spread of the flu is to stay away from sick people.

Amwell was kind enough to provide a code for my friends and readers that will give you a 25% off an urgent care visit.  The code is good through December, so please, give this a try.

Visit  amwell.com and get started!  Or, download the app on your phone.

Check here to see what you can visit the doctor for:  https://amwell.com/cm/conditions

Check here to see their FAQs:  https://amwell.com/cm/faq/

Check here to see if they take your insurance:  https://amwell.com/cm/how-it-works/insurance-coverage/  (even if they don't, the cost per visit is very reasonable)

Google Play:  http://bit.ly/googleamwell

Apple:  http://bit.ly/amwellapp

Code: MOM26

Expiration: 12/31/18

Discount: 25% off your visit

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