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Which is The Best Season for Travelling to Beijing?

Beijing is one of the most popular places in China which tourists prefer to visit when they are in China. If you’re planning your trip to Beijing then the first thing that you will need to do is apply for your visa from visaexpress.com/visa-for-china-from-us/. Getting a visa for visiting Beijing is something that isn’t hard because the government has now become much more lenient when approving visas because they are trying to grow the tourism industry.


Beijing is a must-visit place for anyone who is travelling to China. Beijing is known for attracting a lot of tourists all year round but it’s not always pleasant to explore Beijing. Here we will be talking about the best time to travel to Beijing. Make sure to not choose a Chinese holiday when planning a trip because almost all the tourist attractions will be closed.


June – August


This is part of the summer months here in Beijing. These months are known to be quite humid and hot and if you’re travelling make sure to carry comfortable clothes. The weather gets pleasant during the night but days are generally very hot. This is the time when the prices of flights and hotels are high. This is rainforest month and travellers might experience some rain. So it’s important to be prepared with an umbrella at all times. This is the time when finding a hotel to stay in becomes next to impossible. It’s also one of the prettiest months in Beijing.


September – October


Beijing is known for being quite hot and humid at times and during September you might end up getting a few hot days. You won’t be able to get a lot of humidity in September or October. This is why exploring the city is possible for everyone. In October the temperature is known to drop and travellers might end up needing a jacket or overcoat. The first week of October is one of the most crowded in the city of Beijing and all the hotels are almost booked out. 


November – February


The winters aren’t the time when tourists visit Beijing. All the hotels are generally quite empty and you will end up getting some great deals on them. All the tourist sites are empty during these months because people don’t prefer travelling to Beijing. The temperature of Beijing is quite freezing in these months; this is why all the tourists try to avoid the place during peak winters. The pollution in Beijing also goes up drastically in the winters.




This is some of the hottest months of Beijing and is popular for travellers. The temperature in Beijing stays hot and humid but the city surely looks quite beautiful. During summer the prices of hotels are a bit high because of the huge growth of tourists. You will need to book early to get a great deal on them. If you’re visiting Beijing in these months, always be prepared for dust storms because they are very common.  


Tourism in Beijing is something which has been growing in quite a rapid manner. The government is now trying to generate money from tourism and this is why China visa approvals have been a bit easy. If you’re coming to Beijing with a tourist visa then you won’t have to face any issues in getting approvals. Once the government of China has become lenient in approving tourist visas for China, more people are getting interested to travel to Beijing.


If you’re planning to visit Beijing soon make sure to apply for a Chinese visa immediately. Make sure to apply for the visa with the help of any agency you know so that the application process becomes much more smooth and fast. The agency will handle all the paperwork and you won’t have to worry about documentation. The services provided by the agency are generally chargeable and aren’t at all high. If you’re planning your next trip to Beijing then you should make sure that you visit the country in the summers so that you can explore all the places in good weather. 




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