27 August 2011

Late August

 What late August looks like to me....






I am sorry I haven't been around much lately in the blogging world.  I am finishing my coursework for my doctorate this semester (Ethics) and studying for my written comps (October 8) and writing our problem statement (for the nth time).  Between work and studying, I haven't had time to do much.... but....

Bob and I did go to St. Louis on Thursday to cheer on the Cardinals!  Bob was gifted two tickets in the VIP suite from his salesperson that he works with to purchase tickets for school.  It was a sweet gift to celebrate Bob's retirement! 


Pujols hitting a double!



09 August 2011

Calendar Dogs!

Truman and Wilson are featured as the December Dogs in Fifi's new calendar for 2012! You can own this darling calendar by going HERE.

This painting was done for our 2011 Christmas card.  Fifi has done our Christmas card for a couple of years now.  You can contact her here for more information!  The best part... she can make YOUR dog the cover by request!

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03 August 2011

Wayfaring Wednesday-Kansas City (MO)

Bob and I planned a weekend for the two of us way back in April.  Bob had purchased a Groupon from The Elms in Excelsior Springs and had redeemed it for this weekend in July.  If we hadn't booked it so far in advance, we would have not been able to go, as there were many invitations to do other things that same weekend!

I have heard about the Elms for a long time.  Bob had a meeting there a few years back and came back with glowing reports about this resort.  It was built in 1912 (the present structure) and you can tell they spared no expense.  If you are like me, you might wonder what brought everyone to Excelsior Springs.

Water.  Yep, water.  A special water full of minerals and goodness that famous people like Harry S Truman, Al Capone, and Jack Dempsey wanted.  President Truman waited for the results of his election there and celebrated in Room 200 (300 now).  There are special guests who roam around in the form of ghosts but who are said to be friendly ghosts!


The resort plays music from the era in the lobby.  It is so charming to come in from the 2011s and step into a relaxed atmosphere.  While we were there we saw a 30 year HS reunion and a wedding reception being hosted.  The grounds are lovely and makes an exceptional back drop for these events.


We had dinner at a quaint restaurant called Justus The Drugstore.  This restaurant uses only local foods and makes each dish to order.  Even the pasta is made on the spot.  That means that dinner takes a little time but it was so worth it!

 Justus dinner

We shopped in Kansas City at some of our favorite stores: Dean and Delucca, Nell Hills, William Sonoma, and Bob's favorite cigar shop, Outlaw Cigars.  I went with him while he chose new cigars and smoked one.  I don't think they host a lot of women.  I was pleasantly surprised by the smoke free atmosphere (great ventilation system) and how friendly everyone was.


I highly recommend the Elms for a weekend for all you Missouri folks.  There are some lovely walking tours of the Springs if you are so inclined.

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