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Our Story

Life is full of wonderful things.  It is our goal to share with you good food, fun books, and great travel sites, things we believe nurture your soul.

Welcome to Our Good Life! Our blogging career started in 2005 with a little hobby blog, mostly about our family and friends and our life in Jefferson City, Missouri. Both of us were in public school education and we loved our work!

husband and wife walking on the beach in Cabo San Lucas

Later, the blog became more of a creative outlet for our cooking, and when we posted recipes like this one for Mom's Potato Soup we got a lot of hits and comments.  As you can see, we needed a lot of work on our photography skills!  Here's where I admit, finally, that my husband is a good cook!

Fast forward several years, and you will see that we have evolved as a family.  Our daughter is married and lives in another state.  Bob and I have moved to the St. Louis area and are loving our new post-retirement jobs.  We have the opportunity to be involved in campaigns like this one with Ruth Chris' patio party and Josh Cellar Wines.

What you'll find here is...

sunset over a lake with fishermen in the foreground

We do book reviews, such as the one from here,  movie reviews, here's one from French Kiss, and product reviews, such as this one from ImmuniTea.  I'm one of those people who like to know other's opinions before I spend the money on something!  I post reviews throughout the month both on product and books.

You'll see parties, foods and recipes, photography, and backyard parties,  We love to travel and you will see trip reviews and photo essays.  

Welcome to our blog!  We hope you come back again and again!

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What you'll find here:
Recipes here are all about the good things in life. Beautiful meats, gorgeous vegetables (many grown at our home, and desserts that will make you sing! Foods that are meant to be savored and enjoyed, with good friends and family.

red plate filled with cherries dipped in white chocolate and dipped again in chopped nuts

Travel Guides
We love to travel.  We make it a priority in our lives, especially since now we've retired from our public school work. You will find fun travel guides like this one from Cabo San Lucas. Check back as we will be adding one on Palm Springs soon!

A whale breeching in the sea

Sunset over the ocean with a palm tree in the foreground

We love a good book and we are both in a lot of book clubs.  We'll share our selections and our views of those books throughout the month.  We also love a product that does what it claims and when we find one, we'll share it with you.  All opinions are our own, and we are pretty vocal about how we feel.

husband and wife sitting at a table with wine and food and smiles
Review of  Ruth Chris' Outdoor Patio
We hope you enjoy our blog and come back and visit us soon!

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