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Our Good Life is a lifestyle blog written by Terri Steffes: a wife, mother, retired principal, retired teacher, college professor, educational consultant, and foodie, and Bob Steffes: a husband,  father, retired principal, retired teacher, adjunct professor, college campus director, foodie and cigar aficionado! Originally Our Good Life was started as a blog to document our family's adventures. Today it is a vibrant "front porch" discussion about food, movies, books, products, events, travel, whatever adventures find them!

We love it when brands like our blog so much that they want to be a part of it!  Partnering with our favorite brands is one of our favorite things to do.  Why would you want Our Good Life to partner with you?  Our stats show that the blog suits both men and women, of all ages, and around the world! Each month our stats are updated and they are growing!  We appeal to foodies, adventurers, readers, film lovers, pet parents and so much more!

                                  Page Views:  20,008                            80% Female
                                  Pinterest Followers:  9643                  28% are 24-35
                                  Twitter Followers:  4524                     32% are 36-54
                                  Instagram Followers: 4653                 30% are 55+            
                                  Facebook Followers:  5424                 87% are from the US
                                  Subscribers: 315                                  17% are from Canada, UK, Australia

We love to help our branding partners with their social media needs.  We love to write, pin, tweet and post on Facebook and Instagram.  We love to develop new recipes and host parties with your products.  Take a look at some of our favorites:

Bush Brothers:  #HummusMadeEasy  

All photography is our own, as is all the original written content.  I am open to Terms and Agreements.   Contacting us is easy:  email Terri at terri@terristeffes.com

Companies I have worked with:

Ruth Chris' Steak House
Josh Cellar Wines
Ghirardelli Chocolate
Shari's Berries
Revell Reads Books
$5 Dinners
Green Bean Delivery
BonGiovi Pasta Sauce
Botticelli Pasta, Sauce and Olive Oil
Oriental Trading
Bush Brothers
Groupon Goods

What I can do:

Sponsored Posts $75 
Sidebar Advertising $25/mo
Social Media Blasts $12-$50 per post, depending on the media
Product Photo Shoots $50/hr, one hour minimum
Recipe Development $100 plus cost of ingredients
Tutorials $115 dedicated post
Crafting and DIY $115 dedicated posts

Thank you for your consideration!

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