Classic Lemon Drop Martini #NationalMartiniDay

If you love a vodka martini dirty, extra olives please, then you are going to enjoy the martini drinks we are sharing below! We have all kinds of yummy drinks and I am sure you are going to find your perfect one.  I am making the Classic Lemon Drop Martini for you today.
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Planting a Dish Cactus Garden

Planting a dish cactus garden is easy, fun and quick! As a girl who has lived her entire life in the midwest, I never thought I would be so in love with cacti! This spring my family vacationed in Arizona and I absolutely fell for these majestic plants. I'll be sharing some of my favorite cacti pictures with you, too! Since this is a Pinterest Challenge, I wanted you to know that I was inspired by Nell from Joy Us Gardens to create my garden. She has a special tip for keeping the needles out of your hands, but you will have to go to her site to find out what it is! 

Making Your Home Ready for Drop-Ins

Our homes are more than just places where we relax, unwind, and raise our families. They can also be social spaces, where we can spend time with friends and other loved ones. Indeed, there are a lot of advantages to socializing in your house, the biggest of which being that you will save a lot of money versus having to go out all the time. However, it’s true that not all homes are social-friendly. Some are the opposite, in fact! The good news is that there are always things you can to make your home better for spending time with friends and family. We take a look at a few options how below. Source:

Wooing Caddie McCaffrey #ourgoodlifebooklist

Thanks to Bethany Turner and Revell Books for my copy of Wooding Cadie McCaffrey! I didn't know the meaning of the phrase meet-cute until I read Wooing Cadie McCaffrey by Bethany Turner.  Read on to find out what this fun phrase means! This darling book should be on your summer reading list, especially if you like romantic comedies! Meet-cute is the phrase used by romantic comedy writers to describe the first meeting of a couple that leads to a romantic relationship between the two.  Will and Cadie's first meet up is so charming.  Will comes into Cadie's workplace on a job interview. The two of them feel the sparks right away, but Will isn't sure he will even get the job. When he does, a four-year relationship begins.  Will is all that anyone would want in a friend: kind, giving, and funny and for a partner: he's totally into Cadie! Cadie may have watched one too many rom-coms and is disappointed when Will doesn't meet up to her expectations. She get

Cucumber Mint Iced Tea

When I was a child, I did not like iced tea. At all.  As a grown-up, I have gradually learned to love iced tea and its goodness. I am sharing with you one of the greats: cucumber mint iced tea.

Vanilla Bourbon Bacon Cupcakes

Happy National Cupcake Day! What better way to celebrate but to toast the day with a vanilla cupcake enhanced with bourbon and bacon?  I don't think there is so here we go!