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My Secret Garden

Ashley works at this posh flower shop in Columbia. They just finished a wedding for the Kroenke family (they own the Rams and part of Walmart) and Ashley brought me some of the leftover roses. They are so lovely. Ashley is always so thoughtful and sharing with the gifts she receives. There were 25 hot pink roses, here are a few of them!
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Fall Breakfast

It was time for me to renew my spirit with some time with my girlfriends! I decided to treat my friends to a breakfast featuring fall type food. We had egg blossoms, baked oatmeal with cranberries and pecans, maple walnut scones, and strawberries. Of course, we had mimosas to drink! Ashley, Charlotte, Joey and Tambra were able to come! We had a great time!
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Niemeier Reunion!

This weekend was Bob's Niemeier Family Reunion. This is Bob's mom's family. Irene is the oldest sibling in the group. We had 102 people there out of a possible 150 (or so!) The food was awesome, David and Jeanne` brought their wonderful sloppy joes. Susan made these wonderful chicken dippers that were wonderful. I think Karen made the fried chicken but I forgot to ask her! Irene made ham, lasagne, meatloaf and Bob and Jake grilled hot dogs. The desserts and side dishes were to die for. Someone made a caramel apple pie, wonderful peach cobblers, moist brownies, chocolate cake, and so much more! Bob said he ate some macaroni and cheese that was awesome. I loved all the potato dishes and salads. We should print a family cookbook! In one photo you will see Irene (the oldest sibling) Gary (the oldest grandchild) Karen (the oldest great grandchild and Janie (the oldest great, great grandchild) Another photo is of our family.
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Mizzou Football!

Bob and I love Missour Football! We are big fans and love to tailgate with our buddies. We tailgate every game if possible! We started tailgating in 1980 when we first moved to Columbia. We have seen coaches come and go but the fans are constant! The Tigers won their season opener 40-7 yesterday with a record breaking 5 touchdown passes! The band looked great!
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