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Thoughts of 2012 by Terri

As I reflect on 2012 and what I learned this year, I start to tear up.   I tear up because in a way, it was the end of so many things... our life in Jefferson City andmy principalship in California, but I tear up also because it is proof that God has a plan for me, and even though it may be hard and not what I want to do, God's plan is the exact path I need to follow. So then I feel so lucky... Lucky that I landed in Wright City with fellow educators who are passionate about the children they serve. Lucky that I married a man who understands my whims and fancies. Lucky to have a daughter and son-in-law that accept my bluntness and actually cherish it. Lucky to still have my mom and sister active in my life. Lucky to be surrounded by family who cares deeply about me and thinks that "I am all that *snap*" and more! Lucky that I have friends from all walks of life who love me the way I am, even when I forget to return calls, am late for dinner and who sends more b

Christmas in New Town

Our first Christmas in New Town was wonderful!  We had the opportunity to do a lot of fun holiday things together, I am pretty sure Bob did this to keep me from being too homesick and from missing the events that had defined my holidays for the past 20 years.  He did a good job, too!! Our favorite events were probably those that took place in Old Town.  The characters and the parades, the lights and the shopping all made for such good fun.  We are definitely looking forward to repeating that experience again! Our neighborhood didn't disappoint either!  People decorated well, formed spontaneous caroling groups and sponsored a homes tour.  I hosted a cookie exchange and hope to do it again next year! We love that we live somewhere that people are like us, love to decorate, do stuff and be neighbors.  We were blessed to find this neighborhood!

A Month in Review-November 2012

This month each picture represents something that I am very thankful for in my life.  I know I didn't cover everything I am truly thankful for... aunts, cousins, friends, etc., but this 30 days I focused on what came into my heart on that particular day.  God has blessed me and I am well aware of it.    1.  My church 2. My husband of 35 years 3.  My daughter and her family 4. My mom 5.  Gary, Joy, Irene  6.  Living in the USA 7.  My sister 8.  Having a place to call home 9.  Living close to nature 10.  Family traditions that bring us close as families 11. Ashley and Eric's love for each other 12. Veterans that served for us 13.  A job that I love! 14.  Another baby in the family! 15. Our wonderful dogsons 16.  Thinking positively, every day! 17.  Another birthday.  Praise God. 18.  Beautiful Hawaiian sunsets 19.  Time with my hubby! 20.  The chance to make memories with my family 21.  The many opportunities I have for music in my lif

A Month in Review-October 2012

I am a bit late in posting this month's review.  No surprise.  Nothing is getting done on time lately. 1.  Ashley and Eric were in Washington, DC.  The White House is lit up in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and they snapped a photo for me! 2.  Rainbow over the New Town Town Hall. 3.  Halloween decorations are up! 4.  Food trucks came to Saint Charles! 5.  Wilson is being cute! 6.  Bob and me. 7.  The dogs getting a blessing! 8.  Mums at Pumpkins Galore.  I thought they were beautiful! 9.  Our cutie patooties! 10.  The NFL supports breast cancer research 11.  Cute sign! 12.  Bob and our granddog 13.  Ashley and Eric 14.  Red maples in New Town 15.  Feeling sick, ice cream is the cure! 16.  Gorgeous! 17.  Rainbow over my school! 18.  Gorgeous sunset near my school. 19.  New Halloween decoration! 20.  Paint New Town Pink! 21.  Beautiful fall in New Town. 22.  Pumpkins everywhere! 23.  Sometimes a girl just needs a good martini. 24.  Ashley's bi

Halloween in New Town

I am so very much enjoying our new neighborhood and getting to know its traditions.  We heard that New Town likes to celebrate and Halloween is no exception! Take a look at these wonderful decorations! The Steffes 2012 pumpkin!  Carved by Bob at the WCEE Pumpkin Carving Night!

A New Era

After much consideration, I decided that the title of my blog, Lakewood Manor, no longer served me and my family the way it used to do.  Now that we no longer live in the Lakewood subdivision, I can see how limiting the title was to me.  So I have been looking at what might be a name for my blog that would endure the remaining phases of my life. One of the things I am most definitely sure of is the blessings that God has given me throughout my life.  I was given to the best parents, had the best brother and sister, aunts and uncles and cousins, grandparents, friends, daughter, son-in-law and husband that anyone could wish for.  I have been blessed with the career choice I made, the people that I have worked with and the opportunities that have been given to me.  I am aware of this and extremely grateful for what I have. I have been guided in my life by the Bible, and many verses and stories have made up how I choose to live my life.  Chapter 9 of Ecclesiastes, where Solomon explai

Halloween at New Town

I am so NOT used to this tiny apartment!  I am going to show you my very little decorations for Halloween but really, I kinda love it.  It took but a minute to do it and every little thing you use makes an impact!  We sold so many things but kept a few small decorations.  My dad made this pumpkin for me! Love that purple glow at the bottom!! See Bob in the door?