Posted by / 18 August 2013 /

Day 41

Day 41 Day 41

With school starting this week, all I really had time to do was drive by and wave at the workers.  That just means there aren't a lot of...

Posted by / 10 August 2013 /

Day 33

Day 33 Day 33

Since our last post, the homebuilders have made so much progress!  Here is where we are on Day 33.  The house has four walls, the second sto...

Posted by / 03 August 2013 /

Day 26 of Housebuilding

Day 26 of Housebuilding Day 26 of Housebuilding

Remember earlier I said I wasn't very patient?  So I found a way to help me put this whole thing in perspective, and that is to count th...



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