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Thank you!

I was a recent giveaway winner at where I won some adorable items to help me celebrate the good ole Fourth of July! What is truly amazing is that Jacaranda Cottage is in Australia!! Thank you so much for the delightful goodies and they got here just in time!! The darling red, white and blue basket has a little heart dangling from it that shows a schoolhouse.. what could have been more perfect for me?? There were also some yummy Cadbury chocolates and the cutest Beanie Baby... see? Thank you so much Amanda... the gifts were absolutely perfect!

Tomatoes in June?

Tomatoes in June? Don't think I am such a great gardener.... our garden has been destroyed by Japanese beetles! Caught them too late! So this might be the only veggies we see... but thank goodness for even one!

Looking back...

Take a look at this past post and look at us now:
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Mosaic Monday

Our local garden club hosted its annual garden tour this weekend. Ashley, Bob, Renee (Ashley's mother in law) and I all went together on the tour. We had a great time! Click on the picture to enlarge it. You won't want to miss all these details!

Happy Sunday!

i4aq7mecwf Hope your day is beautiful!

Summer Fun!

I was reading a post at Inspired Home about what plans one has for summer. Since today is the last day of summer school (ya hoo!) I decided it was time to make some plans for the summer. Enjoy my little note!

Tablescape Thursday

Pier One white plates and red salad plates.... Collectables from many, many years... Coasters from a gift store and Walmart stemware... With little firecrackers waiting for you! Happy Fourth of July! Go and visit Susan at for more lovely table ideas!

Lazy Days of Summer

I had the wonderful opportunity to read Lazy Days of Summer by Judy Young earlier this year when she came to visit my school as an author in residence. This book really spoke to me and thought I would do a post every Wednesday after summer officially begins on the 21st of June. She talks about going out to play on her first page. What do you play in the summer? As a child I loved to jumprope and Judy talks about jumproping. As an adult, though, Bob and I love to play golf and once in a great while, we will play tennis. Eric loves tennis and I am sure he could get Bob out to play if he asked and promised to be kind! What were your favorite jumprope rhymes? Mine were blue bells, cockle shells, eevy, ivy over... and A My Name is Alice.

Outdoor Wednesday!

Two of the latest blooms at the Steffes house!

First Day of Summer

How did you celebrate?? Besides being Father's Day, we celebrated with root beer floats!

Mosaic Monday-Our Anniversary!

This is from our anniversary dinner at The Wine Cellar in Columbia. The mosaic shows my dessert and appetizer and the wine I chose. It was such a good meal! Bob gave me a beautiful, hot pink, stone pen handmade by a gentleman Bob met at the Art Show in Columbia. It feels so good in my hand!

Our third annual Father's Day Golf Tourney!

We got up bright and early to play our annual 18 holes of golf this morning with Bob. As always, it was so much fun, even though we were chased by bees and bugs most of the morning!' We don't get to pick our dads but Ashley was sure one lucky girl. She has a wonderful father who thinks the sun rises and sets on her smile. Happy Father's Day!

Yummy Recipe

We made these great shrimp last night. You can find the recipe here: Limeade Shrimp . Easy and delicious!

Mini Makeover!

This little lamp stands on my buffet in my dining room. I love the shape and the size but thought it was a little plain. While at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago, I found a set of initials for $1 and decided to buy them! It was the inspiration for a mini makeover! The initials are rub ons, so I did just that and got a simple makeover. With a cute little tassel added, I have a darling little lamp!

It's our Anniversary!

On June 18, 1977 we married in a lovely Catholic church in my husband's hometown. It has been 32 years and I can remember it like it was yesterday! Happy Anniversary, sweetie!

I have been tagged, too!

Susan at The Good Life tagged me to participate in a fun event. I have to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy. I'm like Susan, if it make me happy, then it must be important! What makes me happy is: 1. A lick from Truman. 2. Hot chocolate with marshmallow cream. 3. A clean house. 4. Hearing "Taking Care of Business" on the radio. 5. The first snowfall (that is the only snow I enjoy!). 6. Reading a book, any time, any where. Now I have to pass this onto 6 other people. I'd like to see what the following would say.... Barb at Bella Vista (she has already been tagged, though!) Ashley at A Hasty Life Kristen at Scrappin' my Blis EE at Life Unscripted Lisa at Cranberry Flats Susie at Rabbit Run Cottage Let me know if you choose to participate! I'd love to read your lists!

Outdoor Wednesday

Things blooming this week at our house:

Mosaic Monday-Flag Day

What a great weekend! We started off with sushi and then went to listen to one of my former students perform at Cherry Street Artisan. Saturday was the neighborhood garage sale and our PEO Flag Day picnic. We also attend a retirement reception for the school's superintendent. On Sunday, Bob and Eric played golf and Ash and I relaxed and cooked a fun Flag Day Picnic!

Happy Flag Day!

Good morning America! Fly your flag today and be glad you can!

Outdoor Wednesday-What's Blooming Today?

A little clematis... A little bit of lilies... Some pretty astilbe... Some lovely yellow roses... Gorgeous Stella d' Oros... and a little of everything!