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Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk

I will be participating in the 2011Susan B Komen Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday, September 18.  I participated in the inaugural walk last year and had so much fun being with other women who understood about breast cancer,  It was such a great experience I am participating again! I have a goal of raising $200 for this worthwhile event.  If you would care to donate, you can donate here: Terri's Breast Cancer Walk You can see last year's event by going to 2010 Walk for the Cure

Labor Day 2011

Our Labor Day was unique as we spent time with Ashley and Eric in Indiana this year.  We drove to St. Louis on Friday night after a home football game for me and a band gig for Bob.  On Saturday we drove in to Bloomington without much excitement.  When we got to Bloomington, we headed straight to their apartment.  We got a warm welcome from Ashley and Eric but Huxley went nuts!  He was so  happy to see his grandparents!  Can you see that happy tail wagging? The weekend was designed to be a food tour of Bloomington and Indianapolis... with one exception.  We did the Art Fest on Fourth Street the 100+ degree heat.  Ash wrote a great article on it on her blog here . We ate breakfast at wonderful places.  The one with the most unique name, The Runcible Spoon, had the best scrambled egg whites that I have ever had.  They were fluffy and curdlike and had the flavor that yoke usually gives.  Served with spinach, wheat toast and tomatoes... yum.  The best breakfast had to be Eric's P