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The Fun Times Keep on Coming!

We met up with Ashley and Eric at a Columbia establishment called the Billiards . It is true to its name... there are several pool tables set up. Eric has said that they serve the best burgers in town and so I have wanted to try it and see. Well, the food was fabulous but I had the best time playing pool! I was not disappointed with the food! The burger was great and the fries were a nice bonus! They even had sweet potato fries with a dipping sauce made from sour cream, dill and garlic. Going down memory lane a little bit... Bob's dad, Jake and his Uncle Amos used to play pool a lot. In fact, Jake taught me how to play. They had a pool table in their family room downstairs. We used to play a lot of pool down there! Ashley wasn't thrilled about playing but we showed her some tricks for holding her cue stick and told her stories about Jake and Amos. She actually got more balls in the pocket than I did. I think her geometry genius was kicking in. After wards w

Chamber Gala

Our friends and neighbors invited us to join their table at the 117th annual Chamber Gala tonight. It is a fun dress up night and always a lot of fun. David is the manager at Alpla, who makes plastic containers for cosmetics. Tonight's theme was Chamber Casino, a play off of the new James Bond Movie. Since it was the Chamber's 117th Gala, the secret agent's name was Double One Seven. Lots of fun poking at other Chamber members and the Mayor tonight! Thank you David and Susan, for inviting us to the fun!!


B oy did I make a mistake!! This toy should have been a JAYHAWK , not a TIGER .

I have been tagged...

I was tagged by my friend Tina from sunnyflowerdays to play this little game. Since I liked getting to know her better from it, I decided to play, too! So the game goes like this....I have to answer 5 questions with 5 answers and then tag 5 people. So here goes. Question 1: Where were you 5 years ago? 1. I was 46 years old. 2. I was an elementary principal at another school. 3. I was missing Ashley big time as she had just started college. 4. I had lost a bunch of weight and didn't know how good I looked. 5. I was getting ready to go on a cruise. Question 2: What is on your to do list today? 1. Get the heat fixed in the first grade hallway. 2. Finish the recycled tire grant for the playground. 3. Do five classroom observations. 4. Talk to the superintendent about next year's hires. 5. Tell my secretaries how wonderful they are! Question 3: What 5 snacks do you enjoy? 1. Potato chips, particularly salt and vinegar! 2. Dark chocolate 3. Crackers and cheese

2 Car Pile Up

My talented husband, you know him as Bob the chef, is also a musician. In fact, I think that is why I fell in love with him in the first place... Recently he was asked to join a band as their percussionist. As much as I like music, I was not looking forward to hauling around a trap set at our age. In the 80's Bob was in a couple of bands and we set up and tore down so many weekends! He plays a drum called a Cajon (pronounced Cuh hone) that he sits on and beats on it with his hands, fingers or a set of special brushes. He can set up and take apart his own instrument! Yippee!! They played to a crowd on Saturday at a new bar called The Mission in Jefferson City. It was standing room only and there was actually a line to get in to hear them! In fact, one set of friends got in only to hear the last song! The band has a lead singer, a lead guitarist who also sings and plays harmonica, a bass guitarist who can also play lead guitar, a cellist, and now Bob, the percussionist.

Wrapped in Love

One of those most wonderful things about being sick is that it tells you how much you are loved. It is amazing to me how many people extended their helping hands to provide food for us during surgery and recovery. I received flowers from coast to coast (California, Ohio, Texas, South Dakota, Florida, and Maine) and from friends here in Missouri. I received cards from around the world. I am totally grateful. But one of the most amazing things is that two wonderful friends made me quilts. I know, what an incredible thing. Jenny made me one of her famous Zippy Strippy Quilts (her own creation) from the most incredibly soft corduroys in browns and pinks. Jenny has a incredibly funny blog you can read here: Then my high school friend Myra made me a prayer shawl. The fabrics are all related to breast cancer. Myra, Laura and I were good friends and were all in band together! Any way, Dr. Myra made me this beautiful shawl that she handpieced

Cancer Update! #2

I had a visit with my oncologist yesterday. Everything looks great! I won't see her again until March. I am experiencing some joint and back pain due to my meds. I will ty to move more to prevent the achiness. My reconstruction surgery is February 10. I may have to spend the night but at this point we don't know. I am ready for it! Thank you again for the continued prayers. Love you all!

Snow Day!

The midwest and particularly mid Missouri was hammered with snow last night. No school today!! I have plans to try a chicken pot pie recipe and to make some snow ice cream! I hope everyone else who is snowed in keeps warm!


I was inspired by a friend, Cindy, from GLU (a chatroom I love!) to try these frozen doilies as a January decoration. She found the idea here but I thought that sounded like too much work. So I modified this idea by simply wetting the doily then letting it freeze on the sidewalk! It peeled right up in our 14 degree weather! I then hung them up on our neighbors' cedar tree. I won't be able to keep them there long as these doilies were made by my mother in law! I would be so sad if anything happened to them! Aren't they beautiful?

Happy 2010

Bob and I wish each of you a happy and wonderful 2010. We celebrated at our favorite restaurant, The University Club, and they did not disappoint us! We had a fabulous five course meal with wine pairings....right up our alley. We went home and toasted the new year with champagne from our wine bin at the U Club. It was a wonderful night!