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I am the hostess for Ashley's first bridal shower this weekend. I am so excited to do it but I want everything to look beautiful. To that end, I hired carpet cleaners to come out and clean every inch of carpet I own. Found out last night that they A. did NOT clean the basement family room carpet and B. broke my favorite christmas frame that I made last year (see photo). Guess who is going to get a piece of my mind today??? Update: I spoke with the rug cleaners and they are sending someone out this afternoon to take care of the basement family room rug. I decided not to say anything about the frame... looking at it on this blog makes me realize that perhaps it is better off broken! :)

Saw this at Suzy's....

You Are Blitzen Always in good spirits, you're the reindeer who loves to party down with Santa. Why You're Naughty: You're always blitzed on Christmas Eve, while flying! Why You're Nice: You mix up a mean eggnog martini. Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You? I am addicted to these things!

A Give Away!

Debra K at The Bunny's Bungalow is having a christmas give away! Tell her I sent you! The Bunny's Bungalow

National Game Week

I have been remiss in telling you that this is National Game Week. Every day at school I have listed games that kids can play with their families. Today we are focusing on UNO. I am purchasing several UNO card games for the families we are helping at Christmas. What games do you like to play? My husband and I love cribbage and Sorry. We haven't played in ages, but I think we should start again!

Maybe I am more traditional than I think...

Your Christmas is Most Like: Miracle on 34th Street Sweet and caring, Christmas is about helping for you. While Santa may not exist, you try to share his spirit. What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?

New camera!

New camera! Well, actually, PTO bought the school an new Canon Rebel and I have had fun learning how to use it. PTO also bought us a pink Dell computer which I am in love with, and a new wireless (pink) mouse. And, a HP photosmart printer! This picture is of the little wreath and my red Pinto tree that are in my office at school!

Tree Farm

Felt a trifle guilty about telling you about having ten trees and then leaving you hanging until December 17... so here are pictures of LAST YEAR's trees... keep in mind that my middle name is "I can improve on this"..... but at least I can appease my guilty feelings! The tree in the middle was the tree at my old work place. I needed another tree to make the mosaic so I grabbed this picture!

Traditional, huh?

You Are a Traditional Christmas Tree For a good Christmas, you don't have to re-invent the wheel. You already have traditions, foods, and special things you bring out every year. What Christmas Tree Are You?

Christmas is in the House!

Christmas decorating is complete at the Steffes home! We have ten trees up and miles of garland. Ashley works for a floral shop and did a lot of the living room decorations. We have BOXES of chrismtas decorations left over. I think it is time to sort. No pictures right now... I am participating in Karla's Your Favorite Holiday Things tour on December 12 and BooMama's Holiday Home Tour on December 19 so you will have to wait til then!

Christmas TV and Movies!

Judy, from the Tom and Judy blog, told me about this link to see what holiday movies and tv shows are playing. It also reviews new holiday movies, too. I wanted to share it with you, too! Holiday TV line up!

Go Tigers!!!

At the last minute the four of us decided to go to a sports bar in Columbia that is managed by our cousin Ryan. We called ahead and he saved a great table for us. We watched our Missouri Tigers spank the Jayhawks of KU. We are now anxiously awaiting to hear if Missouri will be #1 in the nation!!

Hidden Haven Stocking Swap

I decided to participate in Peggy's Stocking Swap. Peggy has a wonderful blog called Hidden Haven Homestead that describes farm life so well that I think I want to live on one when I retire. All my farming friends say I am nuts. I drew Pea's name and she had mine. Pea lives in Canada and I received her package on Monday. Wow, talk about organized. Pea has a wonderful site, too. You can visit her at Pea's Corner . Pea took a lot of time to wrap each individual item and tie it with string. The way the stocking was placed in the box was delightful as well. She found delightful items relating to christmas and what she doesn't know is that she hit every collection I have! There is a nutcracker, several snowmen, a santa towel, and so much more! You can click on the picture to enlarge it, and I suggest you do so! Enjoy the pictures! Thank you, Pea, my first stocking swap was wonderful!

Let the Christmas Season begin!

We held our christmas cookie swap yesterday at my mother in law's house. The large dining room table was filled with trays of cookies. We let our husbands participate along with our two little ones. It was festive and fun.

Thanksgiving Sights

My sister Tammi carving the turkey. She has done this since being a teenager and is really good! Ashley with Kassie and Tristan. My mom with my oldest nephew, Chris. Kassie helping Grandma Tammi with the mashed potatoes. Kassie is in first grade and she was amazing yesterday, helping wherever she could, including drying some dishes! This is the entire Oliver/Gauthier/Steffes family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The teacher in me feels the driving need to tell you some fun Thanksgiving facts.... 1597 We Gather Together was written and sung in the Netherlands. 1619 the first Thanksgiving dinner took place on the James River. 1621, another Thanksgiving took place, the one that school children all over the US learn about, with Squanto and all his friends invited to partake in food they brought. 1777 Presidential proclamations of thanksgiving were made through 1815, when they stopped. 1789 George Washington made a national day of prayer that was a part of the constitution. 1844 Over the River and through the Woods was originally written for Christmas. 1863 Sarah Josepha Hale pressured Abraham Lincoln into making the last Thursday of November a national holiday. And so he did. 1924 The first Macy's thanksgiving day parade was started. Balloons started appearing in 1927. 1925 The first NFL football game was held on Thanksgiving with the Bears and their cross town rivals, the Cardi

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Alexandria from Silver Bell Cottage awarded me the Rockin' Girl Blogger award along with a few others. She says we 'rock her world' and that really means a lot to me because of my goals here is to influence others in a positive way. Thanks for recognizing me with this award! I'd like to pass this on to: Suzy at Rabbit Run Cottage EE at Life Unscripted Becky K at Hospitality Lane These girls are always spot on when it comes to life. Their unbiased, straight forward thinking is refreshing. Congrats, girls!

Cookie Swap!

The second annual Cookie Swap for the Steffes women will be held tomorrow at my mother in law's house. Here is the reminder that we sent to everyone: Cookie Swap Reminder We each bring six packages of six cookies to exchange with the others, and we bring a dozen to set on the table to share. We nibble on cookies while we exchange recipes and play games. Ashley is bringing these cute reindeer cookies and I am bring Land of Lakes sugar cookies. Here is the recipe: Land o Lakes Sugar Cookie Recipe . We will post pictures later in the day of our completed cookies. Later today our small family will celebrate Thanksgiving with each other with a meal of meatloaf, homemade macaroni and cheese, spanish green beans and garlic bread. The dessert has yet to be determined. These are Ashley's favorite foods (minus the green beans) so she will enjoy at least one meal this Thanksgiving!

Thank you, Manuela!

Manuela from The Feathered Nest recently named me for this darling award. The Friendly Site Award makes me feel so welcomed into the blogger community! And, the fellow recipients that were also awarded are so wonderful! I'd like to pass this on to: EE at Life Unscripted . She has the most uncanny way of looking at normal everyday things in a skewed but often spot on way. You have to check her out! I also want to extend this award to Nan at On My Porch . Nan is new to blogging but she is certainly well on her way to having a beautiful blog. Thank you Manuela for thinking of me for this award!

Hats and Salmon Dinners

Ashley has a great sense of fashion design. She must of had some fashion gene from some unknown relative since I know for sure it didn't come from me. She wanted to wear this hat to a wedding she attended on Saturday. She didn't because she didn't trust her fashion sense. Do you think she should have worn the hat? Bob cooked a delightful birthday dinner for me: lime and cilantro shrimp cocktail, pan fried salmon over angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce. Mmmmmm.


Today's plans are to decorate the three bedrooms upstairs for Christmas. I know in an earlier post I said I was honoring Thanksgiving by just talking about Thanksgiving, but we are having a shower for Ashley on December 2 at my house so I am going to go ahead and start my decorating! I'll post pictures after Thanksgiving so that I am keeping to my promise! Here's a tiny peek at what I did last year...