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Salad Bowl Planting Time!

Every spring one of my favorite things to do in the garden is to plant my salad bowl. I'm pretty much the only one that eats from it, but I love having these tender greens to eat during the spring.  It just seems right.

When I first started planting the salad bowl, I used seeds of all kinds and this did grow a big bowl of salad. It was far too much for me, so I did what other gardeners do, I gave it away!  There don't seem to be a large following for fresh salad greens, so I decided to plant less and to use salad plants instead of seeds.  We will see how that goes! 

Last year's salad bowl was wonderful!  Lots of salad for a long length of time.  It grew thick and full on seeds, too.  I like to plant those "variety" seed packs, so you get a lot of different colors, fla…
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The Road Home by Beverly Lewis #ourgoodlifebooklist

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
The Road Home by Beverly Lewis is a bit different from her other Amish books.  Beverly Lewis has been called the Queen of Amish fiction and the title is rightfully earned, but this book is much different that her others.

First, the main character, Lena, leaves home, separating herself from her siblings when her parents are killed tragically and the elders determine this is the best way to care for the family.  Knowing, from Beverly herself, how the Amish value family, it is with great sadness that I see the elders split up this family, particularly when the youngest is just starting his first year of school. Lena goes far away, to far to return home even for the holidays, when there is a blizzard where she lives.
Then, the lo…
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Creamy Asparagus Soup #soupswappers

Children's Song
Carrots, peas and broccoli Vegetables are good for me For my snack and in my lunch Veggie sticks are fun to munch Carrots, peas and broccoli Vegetables are good for me! (sung to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Spring has Sprung with the bloggers of Soup Swappers.  We were to take the tastes of spring and turn it into a soup.  I love all spring vegetables, chard, spinach, spring peas, lettuces, green onions, you name it, I like it! Especially the misunderstood asparagus.

As a child I did not love this vegetable. I never saw it raw, only in an unusual sized can. As an adult, though,I adore seeing an asparagus patch with all the raw asparagus tips rising from the ground.  My neighbors in Columbia had a large patch that always grew plenty of asparagus and we were the recipient a ti…
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Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes #fantasticalfoodfight

Welcome to this month’s Food Fight!

Fantastical Food Fight is a group of bloggers who get a theme or ingredient each month and make some sort of variation of it. It could be a recipe from a cookbook, a blog, or the blogger’s own creation.  This month’s theme is Strawberry Shortcake!

My heart is full of memories of this delicious dessert. My neighbor, Mr. Dotson, grew strawberries in a large patch near his home. A few times a summer he would invite us over to pick strawberries and give some to my mom. She'd slice them up and add a little sugar to make some juice. Then she'd make these biscuits of Bisquick and then top them with the strawberries and Cool Whip. It was the best summer dessert ever.
Since that recipe can't be topped (in my mind, anyway) I decided to see what I could…
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April Pinterest Challenge

Welcome to the April Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop! The purpose of this Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all the participants of this hop (and you too) to not just pin, but to make it happen! So this month, I chose to make/create -Stain Remover!

To join next month's #pinterestchallenge, click here to sign-up ⇒ May Pinterest Challenge

My husband came to me with this shirt with an obviously bold pink stain on the pocket. The following conversation took place.

Bob:  Honey, look at this shirt.
Me:    I see a stain.
Bob:  Can you get it out?
Me:    Of course I can.  I have Pinterest.

This conversation, or ones very similar, seem to occur nearly every day and Pinterest comes to the rescue so many times!  Is it that way for you?

So, I head over to look at my Domestics board on Pinterest to …
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I was given these treats for free in exchange for my honest opinion.
It's been three months since Huxley joined our family and he's fully adjusted to living with our dogs and his grandpawrents.  We are so happy to have him and his family sharing the same space!

Some of the adjustments we are making include getting barking under control. If one of the dogs sees another dog outside, it becomes a deafening chorus of dog barking (and not in harmony, I might add.) We use the water bottle to spray the dogs when they bark like that, and consistently, too. They don't like it, but they don't like the dogs in our yard, MORE.  So we are finding that this is not an effective method.
My next idea was to shut the blinds and the curtains so that they can't see out.  That has curbed part…
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unGlue, the App

I was given this app to review and to share my honest opinions about it.
Ok, I'll be honest.  When I was first contacted by unGlue, I was a bit overwhelmed.  There are so many apps out there, all trying to get a piece of the app pie. I will admit, the name of the app grabbed me, so I decided to go and take a look.
I was astonished at how quickly I became a FAN.  
This is no ordinary app.  Take a quick minute to watch this video: (it's about 2 and 1/2 minutes long)

Can you see why I was so amazed?  This app works with parents and kids to create limits on screen time TOGETHER.  AND, there is a way for kids to get more screentime BY DOING EXTRA CHORES.  What?? Teaching good work habits, too??
You can see more at their website at unGlue.  There is a lot to see and learn.  I know, I ha…
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Lobster Nachos

I am super excited when I go to a restaurant and lobster is on the menu.  Often, though, I shy away from ordering this amazing dish because I am not good at de-shelling the lobster.  When I saw this infographic by the Main Lobster Now page, I wanted to share it with my readers, so YOU don't miss out on this oh-so-amazing food.

In addition, I wanted to share a wonderful lobster recipe that we adapted from Cooking Light.  My husband made these and oh my goodness, they will definitely be a front-and-center dish for summer entertaining. Using this infographic, we were able to shell our lobster tail quite easily!

Lobster Nachos

For the salad

1/2 c diced tomato
1/2 c (we used less) of thinly sliced radishes
1/4 c chopped red onion
1 1/2 T of olive oil
1 T lime juice
1 1/2 t red wine vinegar
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The History of Chocolate and Mexican Hot Chocolate #cookthebooksclub

Who wouldn't love a book about chocolate, time travel and love that never ends?  

I guess that would be me, and I am typically one that loves all books.  Our Cook the Books club read The History of Chocolate by James Runcie. I enjoyed the beginning, as Deigo de Godoy joins a crew that is sailing to the New World in order to find the most epic gift for his intended, a women he lusts over, but doesn't particularly love.  Through this journey he meets his true love, after many love affairs along the way.  Diego meets Ignacia in Mexico, during the fall of Montezuma, and it is during this time that he is introduced to the Mexican hot chocolate. Unbeknownst to Diego, the chocolate has magic whipped into it, where he would live forever! It is at this point that the book loses its charm …
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To Moms of Furbabies

I received this pillow for free in exchange for my honest review!
Each year at Mother's Day I think of all my wonderful friends who are moms to furbabies who deserve a treat and recognition as well.  I have raised both kids and pets and honestly, my pets are the ones that are the hardest!  They always need that constant attention and still need to be feed and walked and taken outdoors to do their business, even at 15 years old!

So here's an idea for your favorite furbaby mom, on Mother's Day, have one of these adorable personalized pillow covers made for her of her own delightful furbaby!  Aren't they adorable?  My favorite furbaby mom is my daughter, Ashley, who is mom to Huxley, a super smart King Charles and Bichon Frese mix.  He's highly energetic, loving and somew…
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Asparagus Tart #tastecreations

I love this time of year when asparagus starts to send up its tender shoots.  When I was little I helped my grandmother collect wild asparagus, which looks a lot like snakeweed.  I don't ever remember eating any, maybe she saved it for herself!  To honor this spring vegetable, Taste Creation bloggers are sharing their favorite asparagus recipes with you!

This super simple recipe takes away any excuse to make it.  All the ingredients are found easily in your grocery store. There's little to do except to prepare the asparagus.  Read on to see how simple this truly is!

Asparagus Tart

1 lb of asparagus, hopefully thin stalks, snapped right above the cut
8 oz of shredded cheese.  I prefer fontina, but guyere and havarti are nice, too
2 sheets of puff pastry

Preheat to 425.  Place a pie…
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