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Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day 2010 Our second annual burger cook-off took place today at our house! Each of submitted a recipe of a burger. Next we (Bob) grilled them and added our toppings. We divided each burger into fourths and tried each one. We voted... and the winner was Bob's Grecian burger, with Eric's Philly burger a close second. Recipes can be found at Steffes Family Recipes . Ashley and Bob are heading to St. Louis this afternoon. She has an appointment at Barnes on Tuesday for some procedures and then again on Wednesday for a consultation with a surgeon. We are praying for an answer to her situation!

Relay for Life Pampered Chef Party

What an awesome time!! Amie fixed us a pork roast salad that was amazing. First she seasoned a pork loin with the PC's Smoky BBQ rub. She cooked the pork loin in the PC roaster in the microwave until it was at 160 degrees. Amie and Bob decided to race to see which thermometer worked the best. PC won! Then Amie demonstrated several different products for us. She made the salad using lettuce mix, a cup of thawed frozen corn, two cups of cole slaw mix, a red onion chopped, and then she sliced up the pork loin. The dressing was a cup of Ranch dressing with some of the rub mixed in. Yummy! For dessert she made up a chocolate cake mix... you know what? I am going to leave that a secret for those of us who were at the party. Let me just say... it was heaven!! David and Jeanne came!  David had RSVP'd a "maybe" but since he is in NEBRASKA I thought he was just being a goof and then they really came!! We raised over a hundred dollars for Relay! Thank you al

Picnic Time!

I think it is really important to continue to make deposits into each other's love accounts. Since I have been dealing with cancer, my withdrawals are definitely higher than my deposits. Until the new "girls" come though, I am going to have to continue the withdrawals. I hope someday to be able to repay Bob for all he has done! Bob, on the other hand, has made some significant deposits! Since the cancer ordeal, he has given me a Gift a Week... sometimes a purchased gift, sometimes one he has made or sometimes it is the gift of time. The gifts have been from my favorite stores, or something that Bob thought I would like or a concert or a movie... but after the trip to Barnes Hospital with Ashley, Bob bought home a darling gift: an insulated picnic bag. The bag is made by Picnics at Ascot and you can visit them here to see all their wonderful bags and baskets. Ours has a place for a wine bottle, a cutting board, dishes and cloth napkins. LOVE IT! Bob and I t

Zonta 2010

My good friends Ashley and Charlotte went with my Ashley and me to the Zonta Yellow Rose luncheon on Tuesday. I got to see one of my parents accept one of the Zonta scholarships. Her recording was so awesome. Congratulations sweet Ra Vae! Patricia Miller, one of the co-founders of Vera Bradley, was the guest speaker! She was beautiful, funny, articulate and amazing. She started Vera Bradley with her co-founder with $500! The company is named for her co-founder's mother, who happens to be from St. Louis. Some of the tables were covered with the 2009 breast cancer fabric. Each of us got a Vera Bradley wallet. I was so excited! Lunch was a crab salad in a bread bowl on top of greens, cheese tortellini, grapes and sliced almonds. Dessert was cheesecake. And, the best thing.... I won the Southbank Gift Company door prize!! The prize was flip flops, a beach bag and a beach towel in the 2010 Vera Bradley breast cancer fabric. Woo Hoo!

Saturday Night (Fever)

Coming down with a late spring cold... small temp and a nagging cough. Yuck. On the bright side, though, Bob and I went to our favorite Farmers Market today and got some asparagus, baby carrots, bread, goat cheese, trout filets and whole chickens. I also bought the cutest quilted wall hanging for school! I think walking around in the rain probably wasn't the smartest thing I did today! Isn't this the cutest name for a booth?? Ashley was released from the hospital today and is in good spirits and feeling alright! She's tired, but we think that the antibiotics are responsible for that. Tomorrow we are all planning our Disney World trip together! Won't that be fun!

Outdoor Wednesday!

It has been a long while since I participated in Outdoor Wednesday. Spring is such a great time of year that it is hard not to participate. Go see Susan's fun post on the Georgia State Fair at A Southern Daydreamer . It was such a beautiful Missouri day that we sat out on the backporch, lit our torch lights (the ones that help mosquitos stay away) and enjoyed our spring night.

Mosaic Monday!

Welcome to Mosaic Monday with our host, Mary from Little Red House. My mosaic is feature the FUN Ashley and Eric planned for our Mothers Day. Ashley and Eric made dinner for fifteen of us yesterday! The food was fabulous: chicken kabobs, roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, Renee's potatoes, Bob's mac and cheese, avocado dip for the chicken plus limeade and lemonade. Yummy!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  We are spending the day at Ashley and Eric's house.  We are giving our mothers flowers today.  My secretary Carol puts together the most beautiful flower bowls.  It has become a tradition for me to give my mom and Bob's mom one of her creations! This photo of my sister and my mom was taken a year ago on my mom's birthday!!

Our summer goal....

Missouri eggs, Missouri bread and Missouri goat cheese and dill from my own herb garden. Bob and I have a goal to eat only food that is grown or produced within a 100 miles of our home when we eat at home. Between the Columbia Farmers' Market and the Jefferson City Farmers' Market we hope to be able to reach this goal. We are growing some of our own vegetables: carrots, parsnips, spinach and squash from seed, and then we have purchased tomatoes, red peppers, zucchini and cucumber plants. We realize that we may have some trouble with things like seafood and citrus fruits but if it isn't grown or made here in Missouri, we may make an exception or two! We had a blast at the Farmers Market in Columbia yesterday. We purchased Missouri beef and pork plus some asparagus and greens. We also got bread and eggs and goat cheese. That will make up the meals we are having at home this week. Anyone else trying a similar plan?

Mosaic Monday

Bob is in a band called Two Car Pile Up. They played at Summit Winery Sunday afternoon. It was a wonderful day! The mosaic shows the pretty winery and the great food. Good food, great wine and a fabulous band. Not to mention, outstanding fans!

Happy Sunday!

I am at home today, catching up on desperately needed housework and even more desperately needed homework. I have a big project due on May 8 for my Facilities class I am taking. Yes, working on the doctorate inbetween cancer appointments and Ashley's hospitalization. I have always known I never did anything the easy way. I saw this darling quote at Manuela's delightful blog The Pleasures of Homemaking and this particular post is about making your own cleaning products. Manuela can make housecleaning sound like going to a baseball game: exciting and fun! One of her readers, Julie from The Harwards posted that she cleaned her wood floors with a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 9 parts warm water. I have to try that. Wait! Aren't I supposed to be doing homework? Maybe I can do homework and take breaks doing housework. Oh, and Look!! There are two cardinals, two blue jays and two yellow finches outside my kitchen window. Why do I think this day is going to get by m

Master Gardener Sale!

With Ashley improving now, Bob and I decided to treat ourselves to a trip to the annual Master Gardener Sale. We have planted a lot already but we love to go and roam the plants, picking up some things here and there. Today we bought some more veggies for the garden and some flowers to fill in some vacant spots in our gardens. An update on Ashley.... the drains are out and she is now only taking pain meds orally. The first words about going home today were muttered by the doctor this morning. Maybe on Sunday!