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Valentine Challenge

I love a blog called Women Living Well. Have you heard of it? I am going to take their four week marriage challenge. This first week is about praising your husband. I know I take a lot of what Bob does for granted. In the past week he cooked dinner, took my car to get the oil changed and, while he had my car he washed it and filled it with gas, played the drums for my first graders in front of our Board of Education, warmed my car up in the morning and made me a healthy lunch for school. Sure, I said thanks and gave him a hug and a kiss, but real gratitude, the kind that spills over into your eyes, has been lacking. So I am taking the challenge, to let Bob know how much I appreciate those small acts of love and kindness. I hope he will forever know the depths of my gratitude, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live.
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A Month in Review December 2012

This month My365 had a lot of issues, so not all pictures were loaded correctly.  I tried to wait them out as far as getting the app updated, but it is taking too long for me!  So here it is, faults and all!   What's even more distressing is that what is on the website does not match what is on the app!!  Oh well, here goes: 1.  The first tree decorated and up was the Mizzou tree which won second place in a Christmas tree contest!! 2.  I held a Cookie Swap in New Town!  Lots of fun and met some great people! 3.  Pointsettias planted in the ground in Hawaii 4.  My favorite Christmas tree of all time, painted by my mom! 5.  A shot of all my favorite Christmas decs, mostly made by my mom. 6.  Lights and more lights at Tilley Park. 7.  The manger scene in Augusta, MO. 8.  Stockings hung at the mansion on SLU campus. 9.  New Town annual ornament. 10.  Wilson and Truman getting to visit Santa! 11.  All the ornaments from the GLU ornament swap. 12.  Our tr

13 Things to do in 2013

My brother-in-law, Gary gave each of us Field Notes booklets for Christmas this year, reminding us of how Jake used to carry a tiny notepad in his shirt pocket to jot down anything and everything he found interesting, or thought would be useful at some time or another.  He had Ashley's skating events marked, with what place she took in that event, what grades she got, graduation dates, how much each of the grandkids weighed at birth... all kinds of stuff.  Writing with pencil to paper has become a lost art, with the invention of a phone that keeps your notes, contacts, email, internet, etc all in one place.  I really became attached to this idea immediately, blurting out at Christmas, "we should bring these back next Christmas and share what we wrote this year..." getting a hardy "YES!" from Gary. My first entry is this:  13 Things to do in 2013.  I want to keep track of these things I want to do to make 2013 a year to stand out.  Here is my list: 1.  Get