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Happy Halloween!

Bob and I would like to extend a Happy Halloween to all our friends and family.  Be safe and enjoy the shivery thrills this time of year brings!

The Greatest Game in Baseball!

Game 6 of the 2011 World Series !  It is (was) on my bucket list to see a World Series Game preferably one where the Cardinals played and this was the year!   Bob had a ticket to game 2 while he was in St. Louis for a business trip and I bought two for us on a speculation that the Cards would be playing a game 6. The game was originally set for Wednesday, October 26 but due to some bad weather, the game was postponed for Thursday, October 27.  I was thrilled when my superintendent allowed me to switch my personal days!  Bob and I drove up separately since he had to work on Thursday in St. Louis.  I left school and drove to the hotel, and met Bob.  We jumped into his car and drove to the stadium.  We parked really close and then walked around to enjoy the festivities.  There were bands, vendors, TV stations, the latest two World Series trophies, and the best people watching ever! We walked into the stadium and looked at the various souvenirs.  We bought a few small Christmas gif

Happy birthday, Ashley!

Twenty six years ago we were blessed with a daughter!  In 26 years we have realized over and over what a blessing God has given us.  Have a great birthday, sweet girl!  We love you very much!

Pumpkin Carving 101

Bob is very good at carving pumpkins.  I think he enjoys it, too! First, buy a nice firm pumpkin.  We got these from Walmart but we also like Shirks, Hy Vee and Longfellows as well.  Use your pumpkin's shape to help inspire you how you wish to carve your pumpkin. Cut the top off, in a large enough circle around the stem to get your hand into the pumpkin.  Instead of a smooth continuous line, Bob makes sort of a hexagon shape around the stem.  Trim the bottom of the stem to make it flat. Clean out the insides of the pumpkin.  Pull out all the stringy stuff and the seeds.  Keep the seeds if you intend to roast them. Cut out the desired pattern of your pumpkin.  As you can see, we opted for a cute {easy} polka dotted style.  We used an apple corer and a seeder for the circles.  Some Bob cut all the way through, some he cut about 3/4 of the way in.  This will make an interesting pumpkin when we light it with our candles! We also made one with a traditional pumpkin face.  A

Homecoming 2011-100 Years

The University of Missouri is credited with having the first Homecoming in 1911.  This marked the 100th year of Homecoming at MU!  If this isn't enough excitement for the Steffes family, I was invited to ride in the Homecoming Parade this year! The Mid Missouri affiliate of the Susan G Komen Foundation asked for volunteers to ride in the parade on the Wells Fargo Stagecoach!  This stagecoach is a reconditioned stagecoach, in beautiful condition, pulled by four gorgeous quarter horses.  There was some excitement at the beginning of the parade.  We were told to meet behind the Bengal Bar.  By 8:30 we knew we were in the wrong place.  Finding the right place, however, was not an easy task.  Eventually I found it but I was the only one.  Bob ran all over the parade route looking for the other riders.  He found them one by one and they joined us throughout the parade.  It was awesome.  Bob was the hero! Being in the parade was quite a unique experience.  This parade is long,
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 Hello, blogging friends!  It has been such a long time since my last post.  I am in the last phase of my doctoral program and I find myself caught up in the world of academia.  I just took my comprehensive exams, six hours of writing and nearly twenty some pages.  I pray that I pass, but if I don't I am ready to take them again in February. I did take some time to do something very important to me.  My hometown of Marceline (Missouri) has a church called Bethany Baptist that hosts a special salad supper each October in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness.  This year I was invited to be their guest speaker.  I was so honored.  I love my hometown and to give back, in any way I can, makes me so happy!   My speech centered around my own personal experience with my cancer diagnosis, treatment and ongoing experiences with breast cancer.  I shared some of my story, including the stories I have from my students at my school.  I hope I was able to combine a serious topic with