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Back in January Ashley was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Since then she has been in the hospital four times. Each time with terrible pain, same location, growing in intensity. On Monday I took her to the ER when she had reached her tolerance for the pain she was in. She looked at me and said, "Let's go, momma. I am tired of being in pain." How that raked my heart! We went to the ER and I watched her continue to suffer. It seems that this hospital just isn't able to acknowledge and do something about the pain until it gets so bad that I have to go out to the nurse's station and open up a can of whoop ass on someone to get something done. Finally a doc comes in (TWO HOURS after the first request) and then things start to happen. The CT exam showed a tennis ball sized abscess in her lower right intestine. The source of the pain had been identified... that is until they took her down to put a drainage tube in it. Then Ashley realized that the sour

Mosaic Monday

These photos come from gardens around our house! From upper left, creeping phlox, wild violets, purple tulips, columbine. Visit Mary at The Little Red House for more lovely mosaics!

Kitchen and Herb Garden 2010

For the longest time Bob and I grew herbs in pots. We replanted them every year and really looked forward to it. We love dill on eggs and cilantro in salads. Oregano is good in jarred pizza sauce and really freshens it up. When we moved to this house in 2002, Bob put in a patio since the house didn't have a deck and the back porch was so tiny. Then he surrounded the patio with raised beds. We have put our herbs in this bed since. pretty gerbera daisies with horseradish and sage... something new! upside down tomatoes and herbs... basil and rosemary.... our annual mint... notice how it has its own bed! cilantro and flat leaf parsley. This garden will flourish and grow big and fragrant. We will sit out on our patio and enjoy the scents.


Our daughter Ashley, enjoying Bob's bruschetta! I am joining Jenny in her Alphabe-Thursday post this week. Go here to see more wonderful M posts by Jenny and her friends! I want to introduce you to my recipe blog: Steffes Family Recipes . I created that blog to put down the recipes that came from our relatives both past and present. The recipes are easily accessible in ABC order on the right hand column of the page. These recipes are all tried and true. I have been published a couple of times in some Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and in our national Beta Sigma Phi cookbook! That is so exciting to see your recipe in print! Bob and I both love to cook, although I will say I think Bob is better at it! (Isn't that true, Bob? Admit it....)

Mosaic Monday

Mary at The Little Red House hosts Mosaic Monday each week. You can click on her site and see some fun mosaics. This weekend we did a lot of flower shopping. This mosaic represents the three stores we went to to find our treasures!

Gorgeous Day!

What a great day! Bob and I spent the day cleaning up the gardens and planting some new plants. We had dinner on the patio and then walked to the lake. It was very nice!

Breast Cancer Update

I am in the middle of reconstruction. The expanders are in and I am going in about every 8-10 days and having injections of saline put in to enlarge the breast cavity. I have another surgery planned May 12 to put in the implants. Once the implants are in place, there could be additional surgery needed if the breasts are not symmetrical, or if they are lumpy. The injection days, Hans and Franz Days is what I call them, are days that I am sore, and I usually don't sleep well that night, but usually within 24 hours I am relatively pain free and can easily go about my life. My last injection could be Monday! Dr. Howard will decide then if I need more injections. I am hoping I will be done but I don't really feel like I am back to my size before the mastectomies.

A Missouri Spring Morning

Last night my friends and I headed out for a Girls Night Out. We started out at the VFW to wish Denise's dad a happy 80th birthday. After hanging out there for awhile, we headed over to Arris' Cafe (which we love) and had dinner and good conversation! Before I went into the VFW, I took these photos of the Capitol. I think it is prettiest in the Spring ! This is the Governor's Mansion. The tulips out front are gorgeous!

Mosaic Monday

These are the eggs that Ashley dyed for Easter this year. To see how she did it, go here . To see more wonderful mosaics, go to see Mary Here .

Happy Easter!

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Last Minute Decision: Taylor Swift

Taylor walks through the crowd, this close to us, but my camera didn't get the shot in time. Romeo song We really seem to like Taylor's back!! We got a whim to go and see Taylor Swift last night at her sold out concert. We got tickets at Stub Hub ON THE FLOOR! We ate at the Power and Light district at a Gordon Biersch Brewery. It was wonderful. I had lobster mac and cheese and Bob got the fish tacos. Extraordinary! There were lots of little girls there dressed up and ready for the concert. Gloriana and Kellie Pickler opened for Taylor. They were both wonderful, too. You know the concert had really started when Taylor came out, dressed like a majorette! The crowd went wild has a whole new meaning for me!

Hanging out in KC

Our hotel is in the background! We had a lot of fun hanging out in KC. We walked the Plaza and did a bit of shopping. Dinner was great! We ate at a new Italian place (at least, new to us) called Brio's. Bob had scallops and I had pasta. Saw this cute sight and Bob got this photo of it: Enlarge this photo by clicking on it and see the dog's goggles!

Rock this Test Assembly

80's day 60's day 50s day Our third, fourth and fifth graders are preparing to take their state tests next week. The teachers and I plan a spirit week the week prior to the test to calm their nerves and fears and to ensure them that they are ready to take this test. This year our theme was Rock This Test! We dressed up in costumes from different rock eras, the 50s, 60s and 80s and then closed up the week with a pep assembly. Bob rode his motorcycle to school, I got on it, and we rode into the gym to The Leader of the Pack. The students went wild!! Then the teachers did their own version of Dance Evolution, then we had a dance off between the grades using a Wii and the game Just Dance. I think it might have been the most fun assembly we have had yet!! Coming into the assembly.... The kids go wild!!