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Dinner Train

 Bob and I went on the Columbia Star Dinner Train last night.  The company was offering a St. Patrick's Day deal for $50 for all the green beer, cabbage and corned beef you could consume.  We love St. Patrick's Day but do not like the crowds at the bars.   This seemed to be a great alternative. We had a terrible time finding the place, due to poor directions on the website but again, our lovely GPS came to the rescue.  When we arrived, people were standing outside, near a blue train that had six cars.  We were given tickets by Security, along with a shamrock necklace, and waited to board. Boarding was uneventful.  We stood in line and climbed up the steps and went into the car.  Bob thought there should have been a Porter waiting for us.  We passed the food buffet and sat down at a table.  A cheerful waiter came and gave us green beer right away.  Since I am not a beer drinker, I asked the waiter what he recommended.  He suggested I try an Irish Car Bomb.  He said it taste

February 2012

I absolutely love doing!  I get to see a little piece of Ashley, Eric and Bob's day.  Since we are apart more that we are together, this is very important to me.  I can also look back and remember those moments that would ordinarily be lost. Today I am relishing on February 24, when one of my students gave me a picture she had drawn.  It says, I am retty to lurn.  I always tell kids that I need them to come to school ready to learn.  It is so awesome to know that someone hears you! Presenting:  February in Pictures!!