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Thanksgiving 2014

We left Saint Charles around 7:30 with cups of coffee and hot chocolate in hand.  Also in hand:  homemade noodles, homemade cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts and a container of cool whip!  Bob turned on Christmas music and away we went! We met Ashley and Eric in Columbia, where Ashley promptly suggested we stop for coffee at Starbucks.  We did, with coffees for the three of them and a Chai Tea Latte for me.  Bob bought cake pops for all. We arrived in Marceline in good time, and when we walked in, Tammi, Mom, Pat, Debbie, and Emilee were already there.  The turkey was out of the oven and the kitchen was a bustle of activity.  We refrigerated our food and sat down to talk.  Tammi already had a story to share about the turkey.  Tammi is always looking for ways to perfect the turkey.  She had seen on TV that the first hour or so of cooking should be without foil.  Let the turkey get the perfect color, then cover it with foil.  Mom had already covered the turkey and it was ready to

New Traditions for Thanksgiving

  With my mom standing at number 1 on the waiting list for a senior apartment, this very likely could be the last Thanksgiving celebration we have in our family home.  We have encouraged mom to let the house go to another family, as it is too costly for her to maintain.  It took her awhile to get to the place where she was ready to let it go...she raised two girls, had a son, lost her son, remodeled every inch of the place, and cared for her husband while he fought cancer and eventually losing that battle.  The house held a lot of memories, or, was it her?  Of course, the answer is her, wherever she is, so are all the memories. So we are looking now at closing a chapter on the house on Lake Street.  I hope we will use the Frankoma brown dishes, with all the matching serving pieces.  Those dishes will be divided between my sister and me after Thanksgiving.  Mom cannot take all those dishes with her in her new tiny place.  It would be fun to use them together one last time.  As we

Birthday Wishes

Before Facebook, I would receive a good number of birthday wishes from my students, parents and family.  A few of my friends would remember with cards and phone calls.  Now, the world seems to respond to my birthday. This year there were over 400 Facebook posts alone.  Not to mention texts, phone calls, emails, and a couple of cards.  I tried to respond to each Facebook post and text messages, emails and cards.  It was a bit overwhelming but I wanted to express my gratitude.  To this day, I feel unworthy of all this attention. This doesn't count the belated birthday wishes, the ones that came the day before or ones that were tagged onto another post.  Still, 394?  Amazing, and I feel humbled by the attention!  Bob cooked a wonderful meal of a pan fried bone-in pork chop with diced acorn squash that was roasted with a little balsamic vinegar.  He topped this with white asparagus and served it all with home baked garlic bread.  We had a white chocolate cheesecake slice for dess