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Love this!

I was on Pinterest, which I do every night before bed, well, and maybe a few times during the day... and I learned about this site called Tagxedo.  It takes the words from your blog and makes word collages.  What I love is that the words are sized by how often you use them.  Here's one I made with the words from this blog.  Enjoy, then go make your own!

New Town Fourth of July

Our first Fourth of July in New Town was so much fun! At 10:00 we walked down the street to find a place to watch the parade.  We chatted with people who came by to say hello and to pet Truman and Wilson.  The parade was fun! Bob fixed chicken fajitas for lunch with a black bean salad, watermelon and lemonade.  It was yummy!  We ran out to Cabelas to pick up some new chairs as our old MU chairs were giving out on us. We came back and got into the double innertube and floated in the lake.  I dropped my cell phone into the lake.  Twice. After dinner of burgers, we went to the Ampitheater to watch Double D perform.  They sang some oldies and some great American tunes. Then we headed home to sit on the patio and sip some lemonade.  Our neighbors had bought a lot of fireworks and shot them off over the lake!  Fun!! Free scrapbook customized with Smilebox

A Month in Review: June

  June?  Did we have a June?  It was so busy with the move, ending my term at California and summer school I barely remember it!  It was so hard to say goodbye to the students at California.  On my last day, I just couldn't stay.  I said goodbye to my two darling secretaries, my pal Amy and I had to go.  I will miss all of them so much!   I loved being at California and wish all teachers, Mr. Williams and the students well!
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