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A Homecoming Weekend!

My family loves geneology and this weekend was the epitomy of such. The Solomon Reunion was held in Marceline this weekend and family from all over the United States attended: Florida, Texas, Missouri, Oregon, Illinois, and Kansas were some of the states represented. We kept busy with a number of activities. One included seeing my sister's art in the local museum. Below are some samples of her work: We took the kids to the local Walt Disney pool. Here are Ashley, Tristan, and Kassie in the water. I was extremely jealous but you won't catch me near a swimsuit. Our family loves to eat! There are some fabulous cooks in our family. Here we are at Susie's, a local favorite. We feasted on gigantic breaded tenderloins and dusty millers, a local ice cream treat. I have never heard of dusty millers served any where else! Judy, one of my dad's cousins (technically my second cousin) has had her kitchen in Midwest Living magazine and publishes recipes in many venues

It's Our Anniversary!

Today is our 31st anniversary! We were married in 1977, a beautiful day at a country Catholic church with nearly 500 in attendance. A day to remember. In the middle of the ceremony our priest said our marriage wouldn't last (too much pomp and circumstance for him). Hmmm.... guess God had other plans?(!) This was the only outdoor picture we have and I really love it. The delicate lace pattern really shows through on that HAT. What a cake! In the 70s, this was quite the cake! It was delicious, too. My great, great grandmother made this crocheted tablecloth. It was so delicate and beautiful. Crepe paper was the thing, too.... This is our wedding party.... my sister Tammi stood with me and Bob's brother Gary stood with him. Aren't you crazy for those blue tuxedos? We also had pink and lavendar dresses for the bridesmaids. Right before we left for our honeymoon! Look at that car! Look at that waist??? Whatever happened to THAT? Bob's suit was

Happy Fathers Day!

We celebrated Fathers Day with our second annual golf tournament! Last year both Ashley and I played but this year it was just Bob and Eric, while Ashley and I rode along! She and I played catch up and watched the guys hit the ball. It was so peaceful and GREEN! Afterward we went to breakfast at a local restaurant and tonight we are having dinner together in Columbia. I am glad they live so close!

Happy Flag Day!

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Backyard Gardens are the Best!

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Poetic Justice

A little boy was sent to me because he tinkled on the floor instead of using the available potty that was next to him. I asked him why he didn't use the potty and he said to me, "I don't know." I looked at him and said in my nicest principal voice, "You are going to help Miss Debbie clean up this mess and maybe that will help you remember where you are to tinkle." "WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN???" the little boy cried. I smiled and said, "I don't know."

Bunco Babes

My Bunco group met at my house on Sunday to have our June meeting. We always have so much fun! What you are seeing here is the food.... we Bunco Babes love to eat!
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Lewis and Clark Trailhead Plaza

The long awaited memorial to Lewis and Clark was unveiled on June 4 and Bob was there. I, on the other hand, was still working at summer school! So, Bob took me to see the plaza and I captured these photos to share with you. It is the first time in 80 years that the Capitol City has seen new statuary and it was worth the wait. Artist Sabra Tull Meyer has created a wonderful tribute for our city and its visitors. Check out the News Tribune article on the unveiling... News Tribune

Historic Home Tour

My friend Linda and I recently went on the Jefferson City Historic Homes Tour. I love visiting other people's homes and I particularly love going into historic homes. JC has a lot to offer, being the state capitol. These homes are nestled in a 4 street block and are really very lovely. The photo you see is one I snuck to take as photos were not supposed to be taken on this adventure. Linda and I do other tours as well, we love the annual Garden Tour and Christmas Tour. My house was on the Christmas Tour once... oh heavens, what a job that was!