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Creativity and Original Art

Creativity takes Courage, said Henri Matisse.  It is so true.  The kind of courage that makes most people not attempt to do what is naturally inside of you, waiting to be let free.  In our new home, I have decided that the art that will be displayed will be some of our own creation.  Bob is stubbornly refusing to do any art, but I think over time I can win him over.  He once painted me a beautiful card, but I was too ignorant at the time to recognize the romantic gesture.  That's what happens in young marriages where you literally grow up together.  Art pieces that I did.  Not sure that I am all that in love with these, but they are better than what was there before! I am no stranger to creating art.  Most of my efforts were with clay.  As a little girl, my art teacher always had us create ceramic creatures and for all the years of my elementary career I created a cat.  I think my mom still has most of them.  One day I will ask for them, but for now I know my mom has them on

First Month on the New Job

On June 30 I officially retired from Public School...on July 1 I officially started work at the University of Missouri!  I was retired for 12 hours! I moved to the MU campus on July 1, did a bunch of new employee things, orientation, name bag, filling out parking requests, insurance forms, etc.  I found my cubicle and there was NO desk.  Just two long tables.  Thank goodness someone stopped by to remark that a desk would be coming in two weeks.  So much easier to work at a desk v. a table. I was introduced to the staff and it was so much fun because I knew so many of them already!  Ginny, Vicki, Michael, Dawn, Bob, Rob, Jana, and David.  Almost like a Homecoming! I worked on putting my stuff away, then Dawn handed me a rather large notebook with many powerpoints of the material I would need to be sharing with my schools.  For nearly six days, all I did was read! Just in time, a workshop for Collaborative Work consultants (that's me!) came and took me away from the rea
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