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A Month in Review: July

July 1, 2, 3  Conference in St. Louis, ASCD
July 4  Fireworks in New Town
July 5  Cardinal baseball game!
July 6  New Town
July 7 Muny
July 8 Our new church
July 9 Irene comes to visit
July 10 Bob's yummy food!
July 11  Concert at the Botanical Gardens
July 12  Botanical Gardens
July 13  Food trucks!
July 14 Huxley comes to visit
July 15  Banana bread in a mug
July 16  My cutie!
July 17 New Town Pizza
July 18  The Muny
July 19  Periwinkle outside the board office
July 20  New Town Movie Night
July 21  Ice cream treats
July 22 Breakfast at Padavans
July 23 Ashley and mom have dinner!
July 24 Drinks at the Wine Bar
July 25 Draw Something with Bob!
July 26 Grill that I won from Red Lobster!
July 27 New hairdo!
July 28 Yep, Huxley is still here!
July 29 Train in concert!
July 30 My baby