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Happy Halloween!

We are eagerly awaiting our first trick or treaters! The pumpkins are lit, the candy bowls are placed, my Halloween village is spooky with the tealights flickering... how about you, are you ready?

An Autograph! Woo Hoo!

Bob went to The Library after parent teacher conferences last night and guess who was there??? You are right (my sneaky friends!), Neal E. Boyd! Some of you might remember that Neal won America's Got Talent. He is a Missouri boy, so I naturally cheered for him all the way through. He has an amazing tenor voice which is wonderful to listen to. I am hoping he comes out with a Christmas CD. Bob says he called me and told me Neal was at The Library, but I must have been asleep when I answered the phone. I don't remember the conversation at all!

Happy birthday Susie Q!

Go check out Susie's Party !

Birthday Tailgate Party!

When Ashley started college, we started doing a birthday tailgate party so her college friends could come and hang out before the game. We decided to go ahead with our tradition and invited a few of her friends to come and eat. We missed her Kappa Delta friends and her MU friends who have graduated and moved on... (Sarah, Hayley, Beth, Abby...) We had the perfect day for chili, so we made a big pot the night before, and Bob roasted hot dogs. We had the makings for nachos, chili dogs, dressed up chili (with sour cream and shredded cheese) and plain dogs on a bun. We had a birthday cookie and cake that Eric made for Ashley's birthday. Yummo! We wish you all could have joined us!

Happy birthday, Ashley!

Our sweet and only daughter, Ashley was born at 11:29 a.m. on October 24 in 1985. It was in the middle of the 1985 Interstate 70 World Series between the KC Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals. I remember that Brett Saberhagen's wife gave birth to a son during the Series, too! That was 23 years ago, folks! And today, my lovely grown up daughter and I spent the day together doing wonderfully fun things! We spent some time in Bath and Body Works, spending our free coupons for Wallflowers and buying just a little something to satisfy the coupon's requirements. Then we shopped at Ann Taylor, where Ashley works. We had lunch at Les Bourgeois Winery where I had this lovely Bloody Mary (we call it a salad in a drink!) and Ashley had a glass of white Chardonel. We had wonderful goat cheese, fontina and pear paninis, too. We did some antique shopping in Rocheport and finished up by taking in some of the lovely fall color around town.

Fall Festival

Last night was our school's Fall Festival. Our amazing Parent Teacher Organization puts it on, and last night was a fabulous testimony on how much these people can accomplish. There were at least 50 different games, entertainment from 5-9, a dunking booth for the administrators and coaches, a raffle with over 50 prizes and a main raffle where the grand prize was a Wii. There was food galore, including chili dogs, shredded smoked pork, cotton candy, homemade desserts, and on and on! The event raised nearly $7000 and most goes into the pockets of teachers who worked a game last night. These teachers have a goal of purchasing items for their classroom that are not typically in the school budget. Don't you love their dedication? Here are a few fun pictures from the event... enjoy! PS I finally changed the date on my camera. Hopefully you won't see anymore 2005 on the photos I am taking!

A Giveaway!

One of my favorite decorating blogs is having a giveaway! Be sure and read the directions to enter. Best of luck to all of you! Decor to Adore

Fall Weddings Part 2

Ashley's long time friend and skate partner Hilary was married today to her sweetheart, Jon. They had a quintessential fall wedding with mums and pumpkins and the beautiful fall colors that you think of when you think F A L L. Enjoy the scenery....

Chapin Family Concert

Last night we drove to St. Louis to see the Chapin Family Concert. Our family members are huge fans of Harry Chapin, due in large part to Gary, the oldest of the Steffes kids. Gary has been a fan since the early 70s (am I dating you, dear brother-in-law?) and has probably the most extensive knowledge of the group of anyone on the planet. Harry Chapin was killed in 1981 in an automobile accident in New York City. It was a devastating loss to both the music world and the world in general, as Harry was a true humanitarian. His work with world hunger continues today. Before the concert, Gary, Joy, Ashley, Eric, Bob and I went to dinner at a lovely place called Reggie's Backstage Restaurant . The food was marvelous and we highly recommend it if you are in the Central Theatre district for a show. The concert itself was wonderful. Of course, I would have liked to hear more Harry songs, but since each family member is a talented musician of his/her own right, it made sense t

A Simpler Time...

One of the staff at the school where I work brought her husband's grade card from kindergarten to school today. I was so touched by the manner in which we understood that these kindergarteners were children . We seem to have forgotten this with No Child Left (with a) Behind. and for the part I loved the best.... look at the skills mastered in kindergarten... look at the right hand side and the second one down.... (this grade card is from school year 1980-81)

Ewwww....and, WoW!

When we first bought this house in 2003, the vinyl siding was dirty and had some mildew on it. Bob power washed it and it looked great! I was thrilled not to see a dirty house! Well, as things do, mildew and dirt and grass stains have found their way back home. Today Bob is going to tackle the siding and make a huge difference on the curb appeal of this home! Fall Cleaning at its best!