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Outdoor Wednesday

A close up photo of the crabapple tree outside our house!

Good dog!

Wilson got his summer do yesterday! He looks less like The Monkeys and more like a Westie! He got a good report card, too!

Movie Monday

This weekend I finally saw the movie The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Edward Ford. I ordered it from Netflix several weeks ago but just got around to watching it. Thus making my Netflix not a bargain any more... but I digress... I was interested in seeing this film because Brad Pitt is Jesse James, the producer and a Missouri boy. I wanted to see his take on this infamous character. I anxiously scanned the credits and found that not one scene was filmed in Missouri. What were you thinking, Mr. Pitt?? There were several things I loved: the melancholy music and the artsy cinematography... the way Jesse always sat at the head of ANY table he was dining at... the protrayal of Jesse as a slightly mad man. James Carville as the Governor of Missouri was another highlight... I thought he was GOOD! The movie is slow paced, methodical and at times, stressful. Overall, a great film for a rainy weekend!

St. Louis Weekend-The Finale! Favorite Photo Friday

I took this photo during the marathon. It is my Favorite Photo Friday entry. I love how it tells what the weather was doing that Sunday! After our divine meal at Niche, we headed out to a piano bar. It was crowded with bachlorette parties and so after awhile, we headed back to the hotel. It was slightly raining and the cobblestones were slick. The next morning we woke to a steady pouring of rain, which was unfortunate, as we were to watch several of Bob's teachers run in the St. Louis Marathon. Four of his staff ran the half marathon and one ran the full marathon. The marathon runner ran in under four hours, thus qualifying him for the Boston Marathon next year! We saw all four of his staff cross the finish line of the half marathon. Thirteen miles! All in a steady downpour of rain. What dedication! We left then and went to a St. Louis favorite, Blueberry Hill, for lunch. We had great burgers and the place is decorated with all kinds of memorabilia from the 50s an

A brief word from my sponsors...

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St. Louis Weekend-Niche pt. 4

After the tour we checked into our hotel. We tried the Priceline to reserve the room and got a 3.5 star hotel (the Omni Majestic) for $55! The room was lovely and I want to try to duplicate this bedding style in our master bedroom! After resting up and getting changed, Bob and I went to dinner at a little restaurant called Niche . It is one of St. Louis' hottest restaurants. Bob has been before and so has Ashley and Eric. They all loved it and I can see why! We decided to get the Chef's Tasting menu and it was fabulous. We started with Escolar Crudo which was grated parsnips, persimmon and puffed rice with diced fish cooked in lime. It was served with micro greens and was a fabulous starter. We then had Gnudi, which was like an inside out cheese ravioli with a lemon butter sauce. Next was Bacon 2 Ways, which was pork belly cooked until it could melt in the mouth, served with pureed parsnips and bacon ice cream. Yes, bacon ice cream. The next course was Duck Duo,

St. Louis Weekend-Outdoor Wednesday-3

After the shopping trip to St. Charles, we had lunch at a darling restaurant in Benton Park called McLoos Deli. I had the Gobbler and Bob had an Italian sub. We headed to the Anheuser Busch Brewing Plant to do the tour. I wanted to see the horses, Bob wanted the free beer at the end of the tour! I was not disappointed! The gardens were lovely! They are my Outdoor Wednesday post. The horses were amazing. I loved seeing Jake, the largest horse in the world at 60 hands and 2,250 pounds! He was gentle, you could tell by his eyes! This horse was outside the entrance into the museum. The main office was once the school house in St. Louis. The Busch children went to school there. Once the city decided to give up the school, the company bought it for their administrative offices which were there until 1991. This horse actually let me pet him! We saw lots of equipment used to brew the beer, and learned about the process and the history of beer, and then ended t

St. Louis Weekend-St. Charles, pt 2

After the Soulard Market we drove to St. Charles to the historic district. I wanted to buy a purse I had seen that had loops that you can thread different scarves through. I found it at this darling shop: After I found my purse, we walked the streets of this quaint little part of the city of St. Charles. It is right on the river. With the spring flowers blooming, the air was sweet, the river blue and the streets were sparkling with tiny diamonds of raindrops that had fallen just before we got there! Isn't this a darling window!

Our St. Louis Weekend!

Bob and I decided to take off this weekend and go to St. Louis with just the two of us. This week I will highlight different parts of our trip. It was great experience! On Saturday morning we headed to the Soulard Market. It is an open market that is all Agri Missouri products. Bob bought our herbs here. We usually go to the Master Gardener Sale in late April but these pots were only $1.50 each. Can't beat that! The meat market is an exciting place to be! We bought some bison sausage to snack on and some alligator sausage to use in a meal next week. Part two to follow tomorrow!

Favorite Photo Friday

A close up of Ashley's wedding bouquet.

The Important Book

Have you read The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown? It is one of my all time favorite children's books. Barb at Bella Vista wasn't feeling well yesterday so I wrote this page using the style of Ms. Brown. The important thing about colds is that they go away. It's true you can drink hot cinnamon tea, And munch on biscuits with honey and jam You get a fuzzy feeling in your head That your day can come to a complete stop.... But the important thing about colds is that they go away. Feel better soon, Barb!

Tablescape Thursday-Tea Parties

With all the political talk about the Tax Day Tea Parties, I thought I would just feature a beautiful setting at a tea party given by my PEO group when we celebrated our 75th anniversary. Each table featured a different teapot donated by a PEO member. The flowers were done by our members as well. We had scrumptious food, and various members brought beautiful hats and gloves for us to wear at the event. It was lovely!

Outdoor Wednesday-The Governor's Mansion

Book Club was last night and as I was headed toward Madison's I noticed how lovely the tulips looked at the Governor's Mansion. Here are a few quick snapshots with my cheapy camera!

Bohemian Trading Post

While we were in Marceline, Ashley and I did a bit of antiquing. Ashley was looking for an architectural piece to do in her living room. I was just looking. Ashley contemplated some windows, a shutter, a chair and a gate but nothing was just right. We passed this tiny antique shop and not only found her piece but I found things I didn't even know I wanted! I love the name of this shop: Bohemian Trading Post! First I found this Campbell's soup can bank. It will look so cute in my kitchen, maybe on my window sill where I can see it every day. Then I found this adorable yellow jelly bowl and matching spoon. I paid $1 for it and I thought of a million things I could do with it. I found these cookie cutters for 50 cents each. I have always wanted to put my cookie cutters in this glass jar my Aunt Patsy gave me years ago. I didn't have enough but with these little ones, I should be able to fill it up. So this was our little adventure in Marceline!