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Update on me!

I think many of you know that I am an elementary school principal... in the past few weeks I have been closing down the school year and starting summer school, all at the same time... and in the middle of it all, I contracted, yes, all of the following: an ear infection, sinus infection, laryngitis, tonsillitis, bronchial pneumonia and pneumonia in both lower lungs. Simply put, I am tired a lot and come home and crash after work. I am experiencing yet another allergy attack as I write, but life goes on, does it not? Bear with me, keep checking in, and soon I will be back to my wild posting self!

Garden Tour

Orlo and his wife Karen gave Bob and I a tour of his garden last week. Orlo built this darling potting shed and Karen gave it its whimsical touch. The gardens are so pretty that I wanted to share them with you! Is this a cute place to sit and have a glass of wine? That is exactly what we did! We talked for hours and as it turned to dusk, several dusk-to-dawn lights came on all over, turning the gardens into a twinkling nighttime. Beautiful.

Happy 50th Bob!


Summit Hill Winery

Bob and I took advantage of our lovely Missouri spring day to enjoy dinner al fresco at one of our favorite hang outs, the Summit Hill Winery. This winery showcases Missouri wines and has some great food. My favorite is that two bottles are named after local Catholic churches and $1 of a purchase of a bottle of "their" wine goes to that church!

Missouri Weather

I am from a small town in northern Missouri called Marceline. It is just a small town like many others, maybe a bit special for being known as "the boyhood home of Walt Disney". I went to Walt Disney Elementary School, played in Walt Disney Park and swam at the Walt Disney Swimming Pool. I love being connected to him in this small way! With the recent weather we have had here in Missouri, it reminded me of a series of tornados we had in 1966. My dad was fascinated with weather and we would often watch lightening from our front porch and marvel in its beauty. Dad would warn us about the dangers of being out in the weather, all while we were "out in the weather." One time we were getting softball sized hail and dad took Tammi and me out to watch it. The hail came down hard but slow, only a few per minute. I convinced Tammi to run out and get one and she got clobbered but good on the head by one of the hailstones. My dad scolded her but let her keep the h

Happy Mothers Day!

To all of us who are moms, to all of us who want to be moms, to all of us who are waiting for our babes to be born, Happy Mother's Day! I spent the day with my mom in my hometown of Marceline yesterday. We did drive to the "city" of Chillicothe and had lunch at the Wabash BBQ that is located in the old train depot. We ordered way too much food but it was fun to munch on catfish, sweet potato fries and BBQ chicken. We toured the town's painted murals which were totally awesome. Did you know that Chillicothe is the home of sliced bread? The picture below is of my mom and my sister. My sister is truly an awesome mom. She practically raised her two boys by herself. Both boys are kind, loving, and hardworking. They help my mom all the time as they both live in the same town. Ben, the youngest, comes by for breakfast every morning and Chris, the oldest, does many household chores from time to time. P.S. My mom is nearly 70 (in July this year!) Doesn't s