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Flaky Mini Pies for Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers #cookthebooksclub

December/January's selection for Cook the Books Club is Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers , by Sara Ackerman. Thanks for hosting, Deb from Kahakai Kitchen , who happens to be a blogger from Hawaii, where this wonderful book is set. Cook the Books Club is a group of bloggers who love to read, then cook something that inspires them from the book. The book has a lot of references to pies, which is what I chose to make but others are doing more Hawaiian types of food. From Amazon:   Hawaii, 1944. The Pacific battles of World War II continue to threaten American soil, and on the home front, the bonds of friendship and the strength of love are tested. Violet Iverson and her young daughter, Ella, are piecing their lives together one year after the disappearance of her husband. As rumors swirl and questions about his loyalties surface, Violet believes Ella knows something. But Ella is stubbornly silent. Something—or someone—has scared her. And with the island overrun by troops

4 Budget-Friendly Decor Tips To Refresh Your Living Room

The go-to solution most people resort to when their living room is looking outdated and tired is to overhaul the entire room. But wait! This isn't a surefire way to solve the problem, it’s more of a hope that if you throw money at it, the feelings to your old decor will just go away. As we look at our living rooms almost every day, our perspectives are jaded from its real potential. Luckily, it’s possible to view your living room in a different light without the need to change the whole place. The below options are either budget-friendly or completely free and could be what your living room needs to freshen up the look and feel of your living room. Rearrange Have you considered adjusting and moving your furniture around to new angles of the room, and experimenting with a different layout to refresh the look? If not, it’s worth a shot to see if the living room has any untapped potential. Apart from altering the furniture in your room, why not swap a few accessories

Spinach Artichoke Dip #FootballFood

The "big game" is fast approaching. We were rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs and against the Cardinals and we didn't get our wish either way!  We will probably cheer for the Patriots since they are the ones to be Kansas City. We typically watch the game at home, no big parties except for ourselves.  We will make a spread of good things to eat, like a charcuterie tray , deviled eggs , and this creamy, cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip! This is not low fat, low-calorie item but it is delicious.  Everything in moderation! Yield: 12 Author: Terri Steffes Print Recipe With Image Without Image Spinach Artichoke Dip A double cheesy spinach artichoke dip that is mouth-wateringly good! prep time: 5 mins cook time: 20 mins total time: 25 mins ingredients: 2 8 oz pkg cream cheese 1/4 c sour cream 2 cloves garlic, minced salt and pepper 1 jar marinated artichoke hearts, drained 1/2  c shredded mozzarella 1/2 c spinach, drained well instructions

The Moving Monopoly: Mistakes Every Family Can Make When Deciding To Move

It sounds like a flight of fancy, but then we begin to seriously consider it. Maybe we enjoy a place so much that we think about moving there, but when we've got family in tow, and we decide to embark on this adventure, are there any mistakes that many families make when deciding to move far away? Underestimating The Cost Of The Move Yes, and the cost of living is less there, but is it costly to get everything moved? When you add up the cost of everything, from the professional movers to the fuel you will use, as well as the visas or passports if you're moving to another country, it can work out a lot more than you expected. Moving to a new place is always expensive, and yes, the costs can even out after a while. But you have to remember that it can be quite costly upfront. We Don't Delve Into The Research We spend time somewhere, and we love the place. It feels like our second home, but if we start to think about what it's like to move there, the rea

Shrimp with Champagne Butter Sauce

Are you looking for a beautiful meal to make for your Valentine? I am in love with Shrimp with Champagne Butter sauce! Doesn't it sound beautiful and romantic?  I think it does! We are talking about big shrimp, the 16-20 per one pound bag. I like uncooked, that are cleaned for me. Yes, they cost more. However, I want to spend my time with my honey, not cooking. I'm joining a group of bloggers to give you a lot of options for a dining IN Valentine meal. My husband and I love to eat out but on Valentine's Day many restaurants have a pre-fixe meal (which we do not like) and they are overpriced and crowded.  Dining IN is so much fun and is much slower paced and cheaper! Why Champagne Butter sauce?  I thought that Valentine's Day deserved the extra special bubbly and the real butter.  For this meal, make the ingredients the best you can afford. It will make a difference! Yield: 4 Author: Terri Steffes Print Recipe With Image Without Image Shrimp with Ch

Chocolate Mug Cake Keto Style

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day! I love that someone in this world recognized that we needed a Chocolate Cake Day!  Early on in our American history, chocolate was consumed as a drink.  The first chocolate cake recipe appeared in 1847 and Betty Crocker blessed us with her chocolate cake mix in 1947.  What a delightful history! If you would like to try your own hand at making a chocolate cake mix , you need to try this one! I keep a few on hand for those moments when you want to make a homemade cake but are a bit short of time. It is delicious!  I made these chocolate cupcakes with the cake mix, too! Sometimes you don't want a whole cake in the house. For me, that is courting disaster!  That's when this delicious Chocolate Mug Cake Keto Style steps up and says, howdy!  It satisfies your sweet tooth and there aren't leftovers to tempt you into another slice! Yield: 1 Author: Terri Steffes Print Recipe With Image Without Image Chocolate Mug Cake Keto St

Bringing Your Home into the 21st Century

Things move pretty quickly in this day and age. Your house might have felt all modern and new several years ago, but if you’ve not been periodically updating the hardware and decor in the time that has passed, then it’s possible that your home is lagging behind. If you’ve ever visited a friend’s home and thought “now this house is current,” then it’s probably time for an update. But the good news is that bringing your house up to speed with modern trends isn’t all that difficult; you just need to make a few changes. Source: Open Plan Our homes aren’t just spaces to unwind and stay protected from the elements, at least not anymore. Today, they’re just as likely to be used as social gathering spaces as anything else. Now, most people are ready to host guests in one form or another, but instead of merely being “guest-ready,” modern homes tend to have their “sociability” factor built into the infrastructure. The open plan kitchen has risen in popularity in rec

Malted Hot Chocolate

I'm having so much fun taste testing new warm drinks for you, especially when it is hot chocolate! This is such a rich and creamy one that it should be considered a once-in-awhile treat. I have an ongoing love affair with malted milk powder. It is a key ingredient in my all time favorite dessert, the Dusty Miller .  I also prefer a malt over a shake. I like to add it to cookie dough, cake batter, puddings, and ice creams.  My favorite is the grocery store brand Nestle Carnation because that is what I grew up with.  There are other brands, some even gourmet brands but when it comes to malted powder, give me the old favorite! It's easy to make. You can change up your combination of milk and cream.  If I only have a cup of cream, I will add the rest in whole milk, totaling three cups.  Use good chocolate and at least some cream for the best overall experience! Yield: 4 Author: Terri Steffes Print Recipe With Image Without Image Malted Hot Cocoa Creamy hot