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The Nutcracker!

We continued our annual trip to KC to see the Missouri Ballet's version of the Nutcracker. It is a beautiful production. We started the day at Lucy's ordering biscuits and gravy. We drove straight to the Plaza and started shopping at my favorite stores: Pottery Barn, Barnes and Noble, Williams Sonoma and Restoration Hardware. We had a quick lunch and then headed to the Nutcracker. It was in a new location this year. After the performance, we headed back to the Plaza to look at lights. Bob introduced us to Bocca de Beppa, an Italian restaurant. The meatballs were to DIE for!
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Christmas is so much fun! Bob and I decorate all over the house, but we absolutely love trees!
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Snow Day!

We have had two snow days in a row! This is totally unheard of at this time of the year. I have taken full advantage of them to sleep in, wrap christmas presents, bake some cookies and eat chocolate. And that was just yesterday. Today I am going to scrapbook and work on a project for Ashley's christmas. I am also going to try to keep Bob from shoveling snow since he hurt his back last week.
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